We Are A Movement That Wont Be Slowed

London, 1909: If you were a woman you were not allowed to vote. You were not allowed to graduate from Oxford – although you could attend lectures. You could earn £12 a year as a maid, if you were lucky to get that work (about £1,310.74 in todays currency). Your life expectancy was 55 years old.   You didn’t really have a voice. If you … Continue reading We Are A Movement That Wont Be Slowed

WAGGGS Card Games

As part of my work here at Pax Lodge, and my preparations for Thinking Day 2017 i have created two card packs that may be of use as a resource for different units. They just needed to be printed in the size you would like them and either laminated or stuck onto a card backing. World Centre Uno is a full “Uno” deck with reference to … Continue reading WAGGGS Card Games

Is Guiding Still Relevant Today?

In the news today, and on the radio, a question has been pulled into the spotlight “Is Guides and Scouts Relevant Today?”. It surprises me that this question is even something open for discussion – and makes me think how sad it is that there are people out there who have such little contact with our movements to not realise the undeniable good we do … Continue reading Is Guiding Still Relevant Today?