African Safari

  Age 9-14 Need Leaders Guide Book – Safari Night Leaders Guide and Program Girls Booklets – SafariNightGirlsBooklet Animals – AnimalSigns Giraffe Instruction Sheets – GiraffeInstructions 3 wooden clothes peg per girl White Card Paper Paint (orgnge, brown, yellow) Lion Puzzle cut outs – LionPuzzles Glue sticks Coloured card Pin the horn on the Rhino print out – Rhino Horns to pin – rhinohorns Blindfold White Wool Black Wool Cardboard doughnuts Running Of … Continue reading African Safari

One World

  Age 7-11 Need coloured tissue or crepe paper paddle-pop sticks ribbon string long rope fairy tales bucket of water plastic bottles/containers glue paint balloons rice coloured paper outlines of world symbol, trefoil and the WAGGGS regions symbols (Asia Pacific, Africa etc) with coloured print outs of each as well. Note I wrote this program when I was about 13/14 so it is suited to … Continue reading One World

MDG 2 – Educate Me and You!

Age: 10-17 Need: Paper Coloured Pencils and Textas Butchers Paper Print outs of MDG Fact Sheet Post It Notes Running Of Night: One: When I Grow Up… As girls arrive get them to draw a picture of what they would like to be when they grow up. Have somewhere they can stick these up and get them to discuss in small groups what they think … Continue reading MDG 2 – Educate Me and You!

“The Great Nagambie Floods” – Shindig Wide Game

Age: 13-30 Notes: This game was written by a friend and I for a state camp called Shindig. Obviously we wrote it specifically for it – however I am sure it can be adjusted and run for a smaller group, area or younger age. We used the local foot ball oval as our venue and had teams of 8 or so – teams went to … Continue reading “The Great Nagambie Floods” – Shindig Wide Game

Thinking Day and MDG 3 – Equality!

Age: 10+ Need: MDG3 Graffiti Board 6 Newspaper Photos Butchers Paper Textas Tape Paper (a5 sheets) MDG3 fact Sheet Fact Sheets on all focus countries. Post it notes Activities: What Is Thinking Day? What Do You See? Different Ways With Paper Super Skills Real Beauty What I’ve Learned Job Charades Boys Jobs Design A Campaign Poster Discussion The Running Of: Activity One: What Is Thinking … Continue reading Thinking Day and MDG 3 – Equality!

MDG 1 – Food For Every One

    Age: 10-14 Need: Rice Meat and veg Bowls Know Want Learn Chart and sheets Fact sheets Catalogues Graffiti board Textas Butchers paper Scissors Glue Blue tack statistics Activities: Rice Dinner Know Want Learn $1 a day – Living Below the line Fact or Fiction? What If? Teach a man to fish. Discuss The Running Of: Activity One: Rice Dinner Serve each girl with … Continue reading MDG 1 – Food For Every One

MDG’s – What Are They?!? (An Introduction)

Age I ran this for a group of Girls aged 10-16 as an introduction to the WAGGGS GAT Badge. Need: Posters of MDG’s, GAT etc. 9 Graffiti Boards (One for MDG’s In general, 8 for each separate MDG) Floor Puzzles (Of Girls Action Themes) Connect MDG’s together (string,  sticky notes, and MDG Logos) Bingo (MDG’s. Logos, and GAT) MDG Song The Running Of: Activity One: … Continue reading MDG’s – What Are They?!? (An Introduction)