Stranded! – A Wide Game

  Age 10-14 Set Up I am not doing a “need” section for this wide game as it is too extensive and depends on how you chose to run it. I think the set up section should explain a lot of it. This wide game is best played outdoors at night in the winter months (So it is dark), so make sure you tell your … Continue reading Stranded! – A Wide Game

Spooky Camp

Age: 10-14 Notes: Spooky Camp was run over a long weekend from the Saturday Morning until the Tuesday Afternoon. It was a mammoth effort – and despite leaders being sick, and horrible weather it turned out really well. We stayed indoors as we had a few younger girls with us who had never camped before. We probably could have done with an extra leader (only … Continue reading Spooky Camp

Pyjama Party

  Need -Pillow Cases -Fabric Paint -Guide Biscuits -Marshmallows -Sleeping bags -Pillows -Candles -Matches -Skewers -Ball of socks -4 chairs -Scarves/bandannas -Milo -Sugar -Milk -Hot Water Activities -Decorating Pillowcases -Pillow Hockey -Slug Races -Sleeping Slugs -Smores/Hot Chocolate Running Of: Activity One: Decorating Pillowcases Have it set up as girls enter so they can get straight into it. Each girl gets a pillowcase. Fabric paint are … Continue reading Pyjama Party

Glow Stick Olympics – Bring A Friend Night

Glow Stick Olympics Age: 10+ was what it is was originally written for – but can easily be adjusted and run for younger girls. You Will Need: Glowstick – Lots of them!  10 empty soft drink bottles a basket ball or similar – we had a glow in the dark one which added to the whole effect. Sticky tape Hoops Frisbee’s or plastic plates Set … Continue reading Glow Stick Olympics – Bring A Friend Night