African Safari

  Age 9-14 Need Leaders Guide Book – Safari Night Leaders Guide and Program Girls Booklets – SafariNightGirlsBooklet Animals – AnimalSigns Giraffe Instruction Sheets – GiraffeInstructions 3 wooden clothes peg per girl White Card Paper Paint (orgnge, brown, yellow) Lion Puzzle cut outs – LionPuzzles Glue sticks Coloured card Pin the horn on the Rhino print out – Rhino Horns to pin – rhinohorns Blindfold White Wool Black Wool Cardboard doughnuts Running Of … Continue reading African Safari

Treasure Island – Guide For A Day

  Age 5-14 Need Print outs –Name Tags  – Certificate  –Invite.Poster  – Program – Pretty detailed  – Running sheet – pretty – Sand Sculpture Challenges – Guide For A Day – Form Calico Flags Flag poles Coloured Sharpies Tarps Chairs Poles Pegs Ropes Mallets Treasure Maps Tracking Cards Treasure Chest Foil Permanent Marker Sausages Potato Pumpkin Carrot Zucchini Beans Wood Matches Fire drums Recyclables Glue Tape Scissors Cheap photo frames … Continue reading Treasure Island – Guide For A Day

Dinosaur Widegame

Age 5-9 Need Print outs attached – Dinosaur Wide Game Sand and shell pool Tape A map boxes, sheets, blankets etc pieces of paper (one less piece then patrol members for each patrol) Running Of Set up all the stations in advance so girls are able to work their way through them. When laminating the dinosaurs before cutting up, stick the map of the area you … Continue reading Dinosaur Widegame

Christmas In July

  Age:   10-14 Need: Paper Scissors Glitter String Stuffing Sugar Milk Cream Vanilla Essence Rock Salt Zip Lock Bags Ice Christmas Books Cloves Oranges The Running Of: 1) Snow Flakes As girls arive have them designing, cutting, decorating and hanging their own snowflakes. 2) Snowmen. Give each patrol a bag of cushion stuffing and a selection of decorative materials. Give them 10 minutes to … Continue reading Christmas In July

Random Night – Wide Game

Age: 10-14 Need: blankets chairs small peices of paper balloons plastic plate a selection of small random items something to mark out a large naught’s and crosses board 5 or so riddles Note: This night was written after my girls wanted a “Random Night” – we came up with it by brainstorming “random”and this was the end result. Designed for indoors. Set Up: Set up a pile … Continue reading Random Night – Wide Game