WAGGGS Card Games

As part of my work here at Pax Lodge, and my preparations for Thinking Day 2017 i have created two card packs that may be of use as a resource for different units. They just needed to be printed in the size you would like them and either laminated or stuck onto a card backing. World Centre Uno is a full “Uno” deck with reference to … Continue reading WAGGGS Card Games

Enchanted Camp

Age: 10-14 A detailed break down of the program is below. Echanted Camp is a week end long wide game. On the first Morning of Camp the Guilds (patrols) Dragon eggs are stolen by the evil Shadow Guild (we are lucky enought o have had 3 Junior Leaders attending the camp who filled this role for the weekend – a perfect role for them as … Continue reading Enchanted Camp

Treasure Island – Guide For A Day

  Age 5-14 Need Print outs –Name Tags  – Certificate  –Invite.Poster  – Program – Pretty detailed  – Running sheet – pretty – Sand Sculpture Challenges – Guide For A Day – Form Calico Flags Flag poles Coloured Sharpies Tarps Chairs Poles Pegs Ropes Mallets Treasure Maps Tracking Cards Treasure Chest Foil Permanent Marker Sausages Potato Pumpkin Carrot Zucchini Beans Wood Matches Fire drums Recyclables Glue Tape Scissors Cheap photo frames … Continue reading Treasure Island – Guide For A Day

Stranded! – A Wide Game

  Age 10-14 Set Up I am not doing a “need” section for this wide game as it is too extensive and depends on how you chose to run it. I think the set up section should explain a lot of it. This wide game is best played outdoors at night in the winter months (So it is dark), so make sure you tell your … Continue reading Stranded! – A Wide Game

“The Great Nagambie Floods” – Shindig Wide Game

Age: 13-30 Notes: This game was written by a friend and I for a state camp called Shindig. Obviously we wrote it specifically for it – however I am sure it can be adjusted and run for a smaller group, area or younger age. We used the local foot ball oval as our venue and had teams of 8 or so – teams went to … Continue reading “The Great Nagambie Floods” – Shindig Wide Game

Spooky Camp

Age: 10-14 Notes: Spooky Camp was run over a long weekend from the Saturday Morning until the Tuesday Afternoon. It was a mammoth effort – and despite leaders being sick, and horrible weather it turned out really well. We stayed indoors as we had a few younger girls with us who had never camped before. We probably could have done with an extra leader (only … Continue reading Spooky Camp

Epic Widegame

The Great Grand Gathering! (For want of a more creative and better name…) Need: Wide Game Cards (Text is at the bottom of this post) Wood Rope Luggage Trangia’s Chocolate Cake Mix Caramel Chocolate Pots Eggs Milk Tarps Bedding Recipe Tent Oven Bags Obstacle Course materials Chairs or paper Semaphore flags. Matches Semaphore cards Semaphore message Pens Paper Set Up: Attach the cards, brightly coloured, … Continue reading Epic Widegame