Treasure Island – Guide For A Day

  Age 5-14 Need Print outs –Name Tags  – Certificate  –Invite.Poster  – Program – Pretty detailed  – Running sheet – pretty – Sand Sculpture Challenges – Guide For A Day – Form Calico Flags Flag poles Coloured Sharpies Tarps Chairs Poles Pegs Ropes Mallets Treasure Maps Tracking Cards Treasure Chest Foil Permanent Marker Sausages Potato Pumpkin Carrot Zucchini Beans Wood Matches Fire drums Recyclables Glue Tape Scissors Cheap photo frames … Continue reading Treasure Island – Guide For A Day

Eco Night

  Age: 10-17 Need: Egg Cartons Paint Glue Pipe cleaners Pom Poms Pile of leaves Coloured paper Recyclable materials Sticky tape Glue  Stick insects (well, we had hem because I keep stick insects. I bought in some of my Juvenile ones for the night.) Painted tree with no leaves Leaves cut out of green paper “If I Slept For 100 Years” Sheets. Bird Seed Activities: Recycled Bird … Continue reading Eco Night