Treasure Island – Guide For A Day

  Age 5-14 Need Print outs –Name Tags  – Certificate  –Invite.Poster  – Program – Pretty detailed  – Running sheet – pretty – Sand Sculpture Challenges – Guide For A Day – Form Calico Flags Flag poles Coloured Sharpies Tarps Chairs Poles Pegs Ropes Mallets Treasure Maps Tracking Cards Treasure Chest Foil Permanent Marker Sausages Potato Pumpkin Carrot Zucchini Beans Wood Matches Fire drums Recyclables Glue Tape Scissors Cheap photo frames … Continue reading Treasure Island – Guide For A Day

MDG 2 – Educate Me and You!

Age: 10-17 Need: Paper Coloured Pencils and Textas Butchers Paper Print outs of MDG Fact Sheet Post It Notes Running Of Night: One: When I Grow Up… As girls arrive get them to draw a picture of what they would like to be when they grow up. Have somewhere they can stick these up and get them to discuss in small groups what they think … Continue reading MDG 2 – Educate Me and You!

Centenary Challenge – Understanding Our Australian Identity

Age 10-14 Need: Two long ropes  for each patrol. Two buckets for each patrol. One Cup for each patrol. A Map for each patrol A pile of construction things for each patrol. Crepe paper Glue Card Instruction sheets Flags and countries One: The Year is 1789, you are a chain gang of convicts who came over to tis new land of Australia in the First … Continue reading Centenary Challenge – Understanding Our Australian Identity

Leadership Development Day

Age: 10-14 Need: “LEADER” Sheets White board and markers or Butchers paper and coloured textas Balloons Bucket of green coloured water Badge books Blind folds A variety of items that could be used to create an obstacle course. Notes: I ran this as a Saturday Afternoon. The girls were really good and keen and put a lot of thought into the discussions. But we did … Continue reading Leadership Development Day

Epic Widegame

The Great Grand Gathering! (For want of a more creative and better name…) Need: Wide Game Cards (Text is at the bottom of this post) Wood Rope Luggage Trangia’s Chocolate Cake Mix Caramel Chocolate Pots Eggs Milk Tarps Bedding Recipe Tent Oven Bags Obstacle Course materials Chairs or paper Semaphore flags. Matches Semaphore cards Semaphore message Pens Paper Set Up: Attach the cards, brightly coloured, … Continue reading Epic Widegame

In Which The Caterpillar Guides Save The World – Wide Game

Age: 10-14 Need: Copies of the script for the appropriate leaders. Print outs of different parts of the wide game to stick up. Chair and ropes – (for Captured Junior Leader) Pile of carpets, ropes, poles, tarps, pegs and mallets. Rope Costumes for leaders Please Note: JL = Junior Leader (DF stands for Dragonfly, our Junior Leader’s name) Elly=Evil Nor. Also – this wide game appears unfinished. … Continue reading In Which The Caterpillar Guides Save The World – Wide Game