4 Things I Have Learnt In My First 30 Hours At Pax Lodge

Girl Guiding/Scouting is awesome. Knowing that the people you are interacting with have that connection, that one, important thing in common, means that it is an instant balm to any anxiety a slightly (or, in my case, incredibly) introverted person may have. It’s been easy enough for me to feel at home and comfortable here – and although my exhaustion levels (thanks Jt Lag!) are … Continue reading 4 Things I Have Learnt In My First 30 Hours At Pax Lodge

Is Guiding Still Relevant Today?

In the news today, and on the radio, a question has been pulled into the spotlight “Is Guides and Scouts Relevant Today?”. It surprises me that this question is even something open for discussion – and makes me think how sad it is that there are people out there who have such little contact with our movements to not realise the undeniable good we do … Continue reading Is Guiding Still Relevant Today?

African Safari

  Age 9-14 Need Leaders Guide Book – Safari Night Leaders Guide and Program Girls Booklets – SafariNightGirlsBooklet Animals – AnimalSigns Giraffe Instruction Sheets – GiraffeInstructions 3 wooden clothes peg per girl White Card Paper Paint (orgnge, brown, yellow) Lion Puzzle cut outs – LionPuzzles Glue sticks Coloured card Pin the horn on the Rhino print out – Rhino Horns to pin – rhinohorns Blindfold White Wool Black Wool Cardboard doughnuts Running Of … Continue reading African Safari

Enchanted Camp

Age: 10-14 A detailed break down of the program is below. Echanted Camp is a week end long wide game. On the first Morning of Camp the Guilds (patrols) Dragon eggs are stolen by the evil Shadow Guild (we are lucky enought o have had 3 Junior Leaders attending the camp who filled this role for the weekend – a perfect role for them as … Continue reading Enchanted Camp

Treasure Island – Guide For A Day

  Age 5-14 Need Print outs –Name Tags  – Certificate  –Invite.Poster  – Program – Pretty detailed  – Running sheet – pretty – Sand Sculpture Challenges – Guide For A Day – Form Calico Flags Flag poles Coloured Sharpies Tarps Chairs Poles Pegs Ropes Mallets Treasure Maps Tracking Cards Treasure Chest Foil Permanent Marker Sausages Potato Pumpkin Carrot Zucchini Beans Wood Matches Fire drums Recyclables Glue Tape Scissors Cheap photo frames … Continue reading Treasure Island – Guide For A Day