And So I Bid Adieu

Its 2 am on my last morning at Pax Lodge and I can’t sleep.

I am sifting through the adventures I have had and the things that have happened over  the last 6 months in disbelief it has come to an ed.

February has been an amazing month to go out on a High on. It kicked off with a weeks’ vacation to Edinburgh – which was amazing. I fulfilled three lifelong dreams: Seeing a Scottish Highland Cow, visiting the Rosslyn Chapple, and of course – visiting Loch Ness. I am so grateful Pax Lodge was able to give me this week to explore and refresh – and to Ruth who flew from Australia so I didn’t have to adventure through Scotland alone.

From the moment I got back to Pax it was programs, programs, programs.

We have been jam-packed full of all sorts this months.

Our evening Programs have seen Girls and leaders PaxQuesting, PaxQuizzing and Campfiring their hearts out in evenings filled with laughter and fun. We have met some really wonderful groups – and I have enjoyed hanging out and watching the different ways problems and challenges have been solved.

We’ve had a rush on International Adventure days – with as many as 60 girls joining us at any given time to hang out. We’ve gone through all 5 world centres, and the volunteer teams member organisations and have received nothing but positive feedback. IAD’s are some of my favourite day’s at Pax.


The most exciting thing to happen at Pax Lodge in February was World Thinking Day celebrations. I had been working on this programme since before I went home in December, and the hard work continued right up to the day it was all systems go. Over the 3 days of celebrations (18th, 19th and 22nd itself) we saw over 250 participants from right around the world join us for sessions. I was proud of the event we executed in the end – and I also had an absolute ball over the course of the event. What an amazingly special experience it is to not just spend Thinking Day at a world centre – but to run it. Thankyou so much to the programme, volunteer and friends of Pax Lodge team who helped pull it off.

Isi and I both say goodbye to Pax lodge this month.

I am not going to lie – it’s incredibly hard to have to say goodbye to friend you’ve made that you’re not sure when you will see them again.

I’ve met a lot of people over this six months but I just want to mention a couple.

Tadeja, the deputy centre manager here for Programme has been my manager, and is an incredible person. She has sat with me in the emergency room whilst I writhed in agony that turned out to be food poisoning, she was at my door the day I got news of Dad, she’s copped my crankiness, my warped sense of humour, my frustrations, and my excitement – often all at once, in her stride. and she has made this experience one that has been unforgettable and positive.


6 months is a long time, and Jess, isi and I in particular have forged a strong bond that I believe will alst a life time. We’ve laughed together, cried together. we’ve held each other up when we have had some really hard moments, and we’ve kept each other going when we were exhausted. we’ve run programmes, sang songs, gone on adventures and shared every moment of the last 6 months side by side. They are my Pax sisters, and embody everything that is girl Guiding/Scouting worldwide. I am going to miss them more than I can put into words, I am not sure what I will do without our late night chats, our spontaneous adventures, our binge watching of TV shows, or our short dance breaks.

And of course –the other staff at Pax will hold a place in my heart too. Shout out to Nico, Amir, Laura, Andrea, Tanja, Josie and Andy for all being wonderful people and making Pax the place it is.

And so as I wave goodbye to Pax, I know that this most definitely is a place where strangers soon are friends.

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