An Ode to Girl Guiding

I’ve been think quite a bit lately,

Of the places that I’ve been

And I’ve been thinking quite a lot,

Of all the faces that I’ve seen.

And as I sit and contemplate

The friends that I have made,

And ponder the paths I’ve wandered,

The flag that guides my way,

I’ve found inside a deep gratitude

For the thing that made this real

The movement that brought it to me

And how happy it’s made me feel.


For Girl Guiding is not just a thing

For once a week in that small hall,

It’s so much more than all of that,

And I’ll try and list it all:

Girl Guiding is adventures,

Those both near and far;

Girl Guiding is the life skills,

And learning to cook in a jar;

Girl Guiding is the advocacy,

Standing up for those with less;

Girl Guiding is equality,

And always striving for my best.


Girl Guiding is the curiosity,

To always question why?

Girl Guiding is stretching my limits,

And aiming for the sky.



Girl Guiding is the hope that shines

Out of every girls bright face;

Girl Guiding is Peace we strive for,

Equality in every race;

Girl Guiding is the friendship,

And the family I’ve found;

Girl Guiding is a sisterhood,

Stretching the world right round.


Girl Guiding is the confidence

To stand and speak your mind;

Girl Guiding is the faith you have

In yourself, it grows stronger over time;

Girl Guiding is belonging,

It is simply fitting in;

Girl Guiding is not having to be

Someone you’ve never been.


Girl Guiding is important

It is the movement that always grows,

It grows in you, it grows in me,

It grows the world, as we all know.


Girl Guiding is the spirit,

The flame deep in our heart;

Girl Guiding is a promise,

One with which I’ll never part.


So when I reflect back over,

The places, and the friends,

I realise in my heart of hearts,

My Guiding journey will never end.


Em Meades, 2017

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