October Updates!

WOW. What a month!

I’ve been so busy that when I have had a chance to sit down I’ve napped rather than blogged – and for that, my dear friends and readers, I give my sincerest apologies!

So. Quick recap of highlights for you all!

Trefoil Special Week

Tadeja sad to me in September “Em, we have an event next month. The theme is Women in History, go nuts” – or words to a similar effect. So with the help of my comrades in Arms, Isi and Jess, I hit the excel spread sheet and we put it together – which was a lot of fun.

Trefoil Special is an event open to ANY adult member of WAGGGS worldwide. It’s a week with a theme based out of London – and I would highly recommend all of you in that criteria considering attendance next year. Because we had a ball.

We were joined by the wonderful ladies of GS Philippines and Iris, from the UK. We kicked off the event with a cream tea, and the three musketeers (Em, Jess, Isi) dressing up as Beatrix Potter, Ada Lovegood, and Agnes Baden-Powell to introduce the theme to our participants.

International that night was an adventure to our different countries across the globe- the dancing from the Philippines was a highlight for sure.

Over the course of the week we took the participants on a tour of London, to the London Eye, on a Women in Science challenge at the Natural History Museum, to Kenwood House to learn more about the story of Belle, Kensington Palace, Matilda and more. I also ran two workshops which was an amazing opportunity – and great to have such an engaged and wonderful group of women to run them for. The first was on Agnes Baden-Powell, her history, her talents and her input into Girl Guiding, and the second was on WAGGGS and it’s programs and initiatives.

We were all very sad to see our group head home – we had had such an awesome time with them.


World Board and Regional Committees

Okay guys – this was super cool. The entire World Board and the newly elected regional committees came to Pax Lodge and had their conference/trainings. It was super cool to be here while they were here. It was a crazily busy week – but it was worth it!

Part of the time they were here was also set aside for the new WAGGGS brand launch. Being at Pax Lodge, and present for such a moment in WAGGGS is really really cool.



World Bureau Tour

Tadeja took the 3 of us on a tour of the Bureau once things had quietened down at Pax. This was my favourite moment of being at Pax Lodge so far. It was amazing to see a building where people work and their offices are covered in the WAGGGS Initiatives, and the SDG’s and the Region logo’s. Shelf’s lined with beautiful, amazing resources that never seem to end.

It was like walking into the office I have always dreamed of working in and I am incredibly jealous of the people who get to create programs and resources, who get to develop advocacy initiatives and plans, market WAGGGS etc.



We skyped with some Girl Scouts in Florida for JOTI and that was really cool to have a chat to them about Girl Guiding/Scouting in our countries, and what Pax Lodge is and all about.

If you have never participated in JOTA/JOTI I would highly reccomend it. I am hoping next year that it is something that can be organised on a District level within my area (Margaret – we’ll chat when i get back 😉 )  – but it is such an awesome event for all Guides and Scout world wide to talk and meet.

In other news I have some more observations about England that trouble me.

  1. I cannot buy a Pie anywhere.
    In Australia, you’re feeling peckish. You think “maaate, I could go a pie right now with some tomato sauce” so off you trot to the bakery (because you know, pies are baked goods, with pastry and stuff) to buy one. Do you know what I can get in a bakery around here? A salad. With or without a roll. No pies. No sausage rolls. Not even a Cornish pastie. England – or at least Hampstead/Belsize Park… get it together and make some pies!
  2. Jelly crystals are apparently not a thing
    Instead you buy this weird looking jelly block which you remelt and add water to to make it a bigger jelly block. I’m just gonna leave this photo here for you all to process.
  3. There are no bread tab thingies
    Aussies – you know how we have our beautiful plastic bread clip, that unclips and clips back onto the bread bag, and you can then use it to make a warmfuzzy once you’ve finished your bread? Picture included if you don’t. WELL. UK? Nope. Lets use a bit of weird yellow tape that you need to try and unstick and then re-stick a million times – and don’t throw it out in frustration, because the breads used by date is on it. Ridiculous.
  4. No one wears bike helmets.
    They just ride merrily along these busy London streets, with no helmet. They just aren’t a thing.

I also realise I haven’t really shared with you the people I am living and working with. To fix this I have written you a poem.

The Pax Lodge Staff Poem:

At the top of the chain is an Aussie from home,
Nico’s his name, it’s def’s not Jerome.
He cooks the meals when a chefs not in sight
And makes the decisions to run the place right
Amir is the guy who makes it all happen
If you book a conference, to him you’ll be chattin’
If there’s an “intruder”, his first to be there
And he bought us pizza so about him, we really care
Tadeja is there to make the programmes run
She’s a bundle of laughs, someone of great fun
She’ll sit in emergency when you’re super sick
Her wit and her humour is amazingly quick
Laura is British, a Northerner it is true
And she has a car, so to the shops she’ll drive you
Also to castles, and on day trips as well
And she always has a new story to tell
Tanja is newish – another Slovenian
And at Pax Lodge she now is alivin’
Tanja knows lots about almost all things
And she puts up with us when our hearts make us sing
Andrea is next, coming back to her roots
Pulling back on her old Girl Guiding Boots
Canadian and here to rock Front-of-House
I don’t know what to rhyme other than mouse…
Jess is here from the United States
She’s me fellow volunteer, I think she’s great
An expert at running as if she has no bones
She has books, of which I can loan
Isi is full of excitement and energy
The third volunteer of our little family
She had a birthday, another year older
She comes from a land where it is much colder
Nika doesn’t live here anymore
She got a job at the Bureau next door
For most of the week, her seat is cold and bare
But every Wednesday night you can still find her there
So that is the family, the Pax Lodge Team
Or as we like to call  it Pax Team Supreme.

Disclaimer- not everyone is pictured in this photo

It’s now late, and although we get an extra hour of sleep tonight because daylight savings ends (Queensland – turns out even the UK is on board… it’s just you who isn’t 😉 )I must away to my bed and sleep!

As always I am missing all my family and friends, and my amazing girls in my Guide units – send me letters and postcards and I will send ones back!
Keep smiling and keep dreaming.

-Em / Quoll 😀

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