One Month In

Today marks one month since I started at Pax Lodge as a Programme Intern.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been a month yet – and at the same time, I feel like I have always lived here.

Pax Lodge is a place where everyone will feel instantly at home – you are surrounded by amazing people, and it feels familiar and safe.

Life at Pax is go, go, go. This month has been 5 days on, 2 days off on a rotation of shift times. Due to the nature of the place some shifts end up longer than others, and a few shorter, but when it gets to the weekend and those groups of Guides come through the door – chatting excitedly about what they have seen so far today, asking questions about Australia and Quolls, and exploring the different rooms it’s awesome.

So – a run down on somethings from the first month:

Pax Lodge Toilets

Are abnormally close to the ground, in tiny cubicles. This is a recurring theme in some attractions as well. I am not sure why but my current theory is at some point in history England was run by a royal family of Elves who required all toilets to be built to their dimensions.

Flag and the World Song

This is my favourite part of any day. I love starting the morning with the sun shining on the World Flag and Pax Lodge Flag as it rises up the pole.

I have discovered that it is rare for people in the UK to know the World Song. And so I am loving having the chance to teach it to the Brownies and Guides who come through and sharing that history and tradition.

Pinning Ceremonies

My next favourite part of a day is if we have a pinning ceremony. Pax Lodge, like the other World Centres, has its own unique pin. You can’t sell it, you can’t give it away, you can’t swap it. You have to come to Pax Lodge, in person to receive this pin. Some groups book in for a pinning ceremony and take the pledge to receive the pin. It’s a super cool moment to be able to share that with Guides and Scouts from around the world.

International Adventure Day

So far this is the only program I’ve been involved in facilitating – but it was a lot of fun. We had a group of Brownies come in and for 6 hours we toured them through the World Centres and our three home countries. It was awesome to teach these girls about WAGGGS and International Guiding and see them having a heap of fun.

Family Dinners

We all mostly live on site at Pax, and so all must eat. We’ve started having Family Dinner which is a really nice way to end the day. We all share the load – so everyone gets to eat at a reasonable time, and everyone cooks once a week. It’s nice to have some home cooking and dinner at a table to chat and debrief.

Great British Bake Off

Every Wednesday. 8pm. Tom needs to go. That is all.

Pax Lodge Family

Are all amazing People. I’m so thankful for the staff, interns, and volunteers who have been here for the past month. It’s been full of laughs and adventures and wouldn’t have been without those people1

Shout outs to Tadeja, Nika, Amir, Nico, Taye, Laura, Emma, Jess and Isi – and to Sarah for that first week of putting up with our training and jet lagged exhaustion.

Pub Quiz

Every Monday night at the George down the road is the highlight of our weeks. So far we came second once… out of two teams. But we’re getting better! Even if we do get robbed on the foil sculpture challenge every week.

Things I Miss

I miss my Guides. I miss programming for the Caterpillars, and both unit’s ridiculous antics. It’s strange to have spent the last 6 years of my life running units to not having that. They’re also just a truly amazing group of girls. My Butterflies are some of the most competent, hilarious and genuine young women to walk the land, and my Caterpillars are hilarious, crazy and always manage to make me smile even when I have had the worst day. I’m looking forward to seeing them all again in March – and random mail from them has been the best.

I miss my friends and family in moments of wanting to share adventures with them. Like when I go to a castle and the history is amazing and all I can think is “Dad would love this” or I am adventuring through the Heath and there’s all this nature I know Ruth would love. Or I see something hilarious in the City and realise there’s no SJ to laugh at it with. BUT. I’m excited to share the adventures with them when I get back – and exploring a new city by yourself is kinda cool.

I miss coffee that taste like coffee. London, I love you, but your coffee taste like it’s been scrapped from the bottom of a duck’s foot. Seriously… what is with that?

So. One month in, five to go, and adventures lie ahead. (And hopefully better coffee, and normal sized toilets 😉 )


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