An Ode To The Journey

On one fine Tuesday morning,
My alarm, did ring aloud
And as I donned my uniform,
By jove, did I feel proud.

I made my way down to the house
And there my family was up
I said see ya to my brothers
and kissed good bye my Pup.

Into the car I piled,
With my sister, mum and dad
And we hit the road to Melbourne,
A plane to catch, I had!

Fast forward to the airport
Skipping traffic, (and dads choice words)
We saw the planes a-taking off
And flying with the birds

It was early, so first  – to breakfast!
Coffee, bacon and some eggs
My coffee spilt across the table
And all down my sisters legs

Cleaned up I went to customs
And checked in like a boss
And with some tears, good byes were said
And through the gate – I was off!

I was leaving the land of Australia
And heading across the sea
To the far off land of England
A land of scones and lots of tea

No lies, this is the hard truth
The plane ride? ‘Twas not fun
Cramped legs, slight travel sickness
But there was good food for everyone.

Touching down, at last, in Heathrow
By gosh, I think I’m here!
The taxi man was awaiting
“Can I take your bag for you, my dear?”

And then, Pax Lodge was in my sights
A Programme Intern dream come true
And as I stepped inside the door,
A wave a fatigue hit too

Laura, the Manage on Duty
Sent me straight up to my room
“Have a nap Aussie Em,
We’ll see you down stairs soon”

Alas a nap was not on the cards
I laid there wide awake
So wandering downstairs to find some tea
A good cuppa I did make.

I met my buddy Sarah,
Who took me around the site
She showed me where things were found
And how to get in at night

Then came Jess and Isi
“Howdy” they said to me
“Us two are going to the shops”
I said, “Great, make me three!”

And so my time at Pax Lodge
Began with friends, and fun
And although I packed for winter
It also came with lots of sun.

I’ll keep you all updated
As I adventure through this time
So send me letters, send me love
And I’ll write you some more rhymes.

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