4 Things I Have Learnt In My First 30 Hours At Pax Lodge

  1. Girl Guiding/Scouting is awesome.
    Knowing that the people you are interacting with have that connection, that one, important thing in common, means that it is an instant balm to any anxiety a slightly (or, in my case, incredibly) introverted person may have. It’s been easy enough for me to feel at home and comfortable here – and although my exhaustion levels (thanks Jt Lag!) are causing me to struggle to be awake past 8pm to socialise, I know that will only get easier over the next few days. Pax lodge is a very cool, open, and welcoming place. I am excited to be here! Also, check out all my new shirts!
  2. Hampstead and surrounding villages look stereotypically English.
    I know this might sound utterly ridiculous – but it’s true. And not something I entirely expected to the extent that it is. Australia, does not, in most places, look stereotypically Australian. We are not just straight red dust roads, yards filled with kangaroos (there are apparently Squirrels in the garden here – I will let you know when I have tamed one to be my friend), and folks walking around in Akubra’s shouting “G’day mate” at every living thing that walks past. Hampstead…looks like a movie or a book. It’s beautiful and really, really cool.
  3. Helena Bonham Carter lives down the road.
    Obviously this means we are going to become firm friends when I run out of sugar and need to drop round to borrow some. Watch this space.
  4. England has a type of cereal that appears to be literally cookies that are tiny made to eat drowned in milk.
    I have not yet convinced myself on the nutritional value of this for breakfast, instead opting for Cheerio’s. But I will share a full review when the time comes.


Yes! I have arrived! Which if you are following my Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/quollsguiding/ ) you would be aware of my adventures on the plane and of this fact.

I’m really very excited about the next six months. We started induction today, I and the two other interns, Jessica and Elisabeth, and there is so much to learn. And, excitingly, there is a lot of Programme related projects and work coming up which is all very cool. We have another full day of induction before jumping straight into shift rotations, albeit with a buddy to make sure we are doing it right.

I also got to see the inside of the World Bureau today, and although there wasn’t a lot to see, it was one of my favourite parts of the day. It was so amazing to be at the centre of things where stuff happens.


Tadeja took us on a walking tour of Hampstead and the surrounds this afternoon which was really nice. I especially loved Hampstead Heath and Parliament Hill, although the discovery of Narnian Lamp Posts (featuring Elisabeth) was a grand moment also.

It’s a short post today, because it is 815pm and past my bed time. Sleep well my friends and family, sending love from the beautiful Pax Lodge.

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