My Adventure

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Good Evening Friends!

First of all – my most sincere apologies. This blog has been quiet for some time over the last 18 months or so – and I am regretting not having the time to update it more regularly with the programs I have been writing!

Alas, the world swept me up with barely having time to think between running events and state jamborees, and two units, and other general life commitments outside of Guiding.

However I am excited that this page is about to become very active – along with a Facebook Page and an Instagram as I am heading off on a very exciting new adventure.

I am heading to Pax Lodge!

That’s right folks – I am incredibly excited (and a tad nervous!) that from the 1st of September 2016 to the 1st of March 2017 I will be filling the Programme Intern role in the wondrous, far off land of London.

There are many things that make me nervous about this adventure and that mean it will be quite the challenge (albeit, a great one!) – but these are the top three:

  1. I live in Australia. If it hits below 20 degrees Celsius I freeze and find myself huddled in a onesie with a doona in front of a heater. Hampstead, as far as I can tell, will not rise past about 10 degrees. The cold is a factor I am training for by moving back to the heater-less bungalow at my parents house in our Winter and still managing to sleep.
  2. The whole…. flying thing.Planes are terrifying. they are big metal cans hurtling through the air at a speed that would definitely earn them a ticket were they to use roads.
  3. The other side of the world. Although I have seen much of Australia, and am not a stranger to distance from friends and families – I have not yet left the country, even once. Heading to a new city for six months in a far off land is mildly nerve racking – but I have absolutely no doubt that the world wide friendship I have experienced from international events on home soil, will discount this as being too much of an issue.

But aside from the nerves I am SO excited to be able to partake in this role. Girl Guiding (And Girl Scouting) is such an amazing and unique movement. I blieve that our role in shaping a world where Girls voices are heard, and every single girls potential is realised and achieved is astronomical. I believe that the programmes we run, and the idea of a girl driven, my path, my pace, programme will continue to remain relevant and unique no matter how the times change. our ability to adapt, and evolve – to be a movement is amazing. And I am hoping by taking the leap, diving head first into this role I will learn so so much, and be able to give so much to the Girls world wide.

But also – Girl Guides is about challenges. It’s about constantly broadening your horizons. Stepping that one step forward and continually seeking new opportunities and learning experiences. By setting this example to the girls and young woman I work with – perhaps it will encourage and inspire them to continually seek out opportunities themselves.

Stay tuned as I prepare for this venture – and I will make an effort to share programmes more regularly too.

If you’d like to support my volunteer position I have a Go Fund Me Page located here.


One thought on “My Adventure

  1. Plenty of folks here in Britain will be happy to welcome international Guiding visitors – it’s always fascinating to discover both the differences, and the similarities!

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