African Safari

20140520_203625 (2)




Leaders Guide Book – Safari Night Leaders Guide and Program
Girls Booklets – SafariNightGirlsBooklet
Animals – AnimalSigns
Giraffe Instruction Sheets – GiraffeInstructions
3 wooden clothes peg per girl
White Card
Paint (orgnge, brown, yellow)
Lion Puzzle cut outs – LionPuzzles
Glue sticks
Coloured card
Pin the horn on the Rhino print out – Rhino
Horns to pin – rhinohorns
White Wool
Black Wool
Cardboard doughnuts

Running Of
Set up all the stations in advance so girls are able to work their way through them. See Leaders booklet for further details.

Girls spend the night searching for the six Kenyan Animals (Nile Crocodile, African Elephant, Giraffe, Rhinoceros, Zebra, Elephant) after learning a little bit about Kenyan Girl Guides, within their patrols. Each animal has an activity to complete before being able to check it off the list.

Nile Crocodile – Crocodile Game.
African Elephant – Kyms Game.
Giraffe – Peg Giraffe Craft
Rhinoceros – Pin the horn on the Rhino
Zebra – Pom-Pom Zebra Craft
Lions – Jigsaws


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdraft_lens11935331module108906101photo_1279133499how_to_make_a_zebra_with_20140520_193359 (2)20140520_193355 (2)

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