Ice Night


Ice cubes
Tooth picks
Marshmallows (2 per girl)
Small Marshmallow’s (6 per girl)
White Jellybeans (2 per girl)
Shoestring Liquorice
Mini M&M’s
Royal Icing
A ball for each girl – or scrunched up newspaper.


The Running Of:

Need: Ice cubes, Salt

Give each patrol a small bowl of salt, a flat tray or plate and a heap of ice cubes. Patrols construct an “igloo” by sprinkling a bit of salt on to one side of an ice cube before pressing it together with another ice cube. They should stick together allowing the girls to use ice cubes as building blocks.

ACTIVITY TWO: Puffy the Polar Bear
Need: Marshmallows, Jelly beans, toothpicks, licorice, m&m’s, royal icing

Using a toothpick, attach the two large marshmallows together to make Puffy’s body and head.
For each arm, thread two mini marshmallows onto one end of a toothpick and poke the other end into the body. For each leg, do the same, but use one marshmallow for the leg and one half of a white jelly bean for the foot (so the bear will stand up more easily).
Using royal icing, glue on two jelly bean halves for ears and the M&M for a nose. Snip two short liquorice lengths and glue them in place for the eyes.

Print off a copy of instructions for each patrol and have ingredients already in ziplock bags for each girl. Leaders wander around and make sure girls are ok with the activity and offer assistance where needed.

need: balls or newspaper

Each girl is given a ball or a reasonable size of scrunched up newspaper. They must ‘waddle’ around the room with it on their feet trying to hold on to their’s the longest. If it drops their egg breaks and they are out. (we used tennis balls)
They are not allowed to stop moving as they will conduct hypothermia. We had the rule you could drop your eggs three times – it breaking on the third time.

Activity Four: ARTIC ANIMALS
need: craft supplies, information cards. – Ice night info cards

Give each patrol a card for each girl containing a different animal that lives on ice’s photo and some information.  Set out a whole lot of craft materials and get the patrol to make a display of their own choosing – poster, diorama, model etc – to show off their animals and the information they have about them. We also made masks for each animal with the patrols that finished this task a bit earlier than the other patrols.

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