Dinosaur Widegame


Print outs attached – Dinosaur Wide Game
Sand and shell pool
A map
boxes, sheets, blankets etc
pieces of paper (one less piece then patrol members for each patrol)

Running Of
Set up all the stations in advance so girls are able to work their way through them. When laminating the dinosaurs before cutting up, stick the map of the area you are playing in to the back.

1)      You are all budding Palaeontologists – or Dinosaur Professors – and are on an expedition to research dinosaurs. You have found a trail of dinosaur prints – the Stegosaurus patrol follow the stegosaurus prints, the Tyrannosaurus Patrol the Tyrannosaurus prints and the Veloceraptor Patrol the Velociraptor prints.

2)      The footprint trail has led you to a new excavation site – dig around till you find all the pieces of the dinosaur matching your patrols colour.

3)      Build your dinosaur and tape it together so it is whole once more.

4)      You notice – to your surprise – there is an ancient map on the back of your dinosaur. Follow it and see where you end up.

5)      Wow! At the place marked on the map you have found a whole lot of what appears to be rubbish – and a letter from the Ancient Order of Dinosaurs. The letter says you need to build a time machine to get the dinosaur you are looking after back home.

6)      Your machine is built – why won’t it work? Because it needs fuel! The magically fuel of Song! With your patrol make up a song about the Dinosaurs.

7)      After you have sung your song the space between times has been unlocked for you. Using the pieces of paper given get your team safely across the space gap and into the time of the dinosaurs.

8)      Your time machine has arrived back in the time of the dinosaurs – there is a letter waiting for you. A letter written by the dinosaur you are looking after! Decode it and find out what he wants you to do now.

9)      Return the dinosaur to his mum! Follow his footprints again. When you get there make up a celebratory Party Dino Dances.

10)   Return home by spinning in a circle three times, singing the time travel song, and holding hands as a group jumping up and down three times.

Dinosaur Wide Game

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