War of The Snow





Lots and lots of news paper
Cardboard boxes
Team bandanna’s/scarves
The Running Of

Object: To fill your store box more then the other teams.

-Your team may take snow from your own supply box, or the other teams STORE box.
-You may not take snow from the other teams supply box.
-You may only send a limited number of soldiers in to get the snow at a time.
-There is a limit on how much snow can be collected in one trip.
-Your supply box will be in the other teams territory – and theirs in yours- however, once again, you may NOT take snow from the other teams supply box.
-You may build a fort out of cardboard boxes –  but the opposing teams supply box must be accessible.
-Each team may throw snowballs at the other team. If you are hit you must drop everything you are holding and sit out in the neutral zone for 2 minutes.
-If you hit someone with a snowball you may claim anything they dropped if it is on your side of the forward line.
-If you are hit it is called a casualty – and a leader will keep track of the casualties for each team. It is crucial you have as little casualties and as much snow as possible.
-You will be supplied with a pile of newspaper and some boxes with which to make your snowballs and fortresses.
-After a previously set amount of time, the game is stopped –  casualties and snow are counted. Your casualties are then taken away from the amount of snow your team collected. After the calculations – the winning team is the team with the highest score.
-Anyone breaking the Rules of War will be double penalised and put down as two casualties.

This is a strategy game as well as an action game. Talk to girls about having to work out how to get snow, protect snow and avoid casualties at the same time.
Remind them they can steal snow form the other teams store but not supply.
Have a leader keeping an eye out for girls breaking the rules of war.

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