One World





coloured tissue or crepe paper
paddle-pop sticks
long rope
fairy tales
bucket of water
plastic bottles/containers
coloured paper
outlines of world symbol, trefoil and the WAGGGS regions symbols (Asia Pacific, Africa etc) with coloured print outs of each as well.


I wrote this program when I was about 13/14 so it is suited to be run by a Junior Leader. It may also need some tweaking – you may also want to double check some of the information (as it was 6 or 7 years ago) to make sure it is all still correct.

The Running Of


Guides in Thailand are called Bluebirds. They enjoy thier countries Kite Festivals and often make their own kites for them.
Make Kites:
Have pre cut diamonds out of coloured tissue paper, get the girls to glue two paddle-pop sticks in a cross and then glue their diamond on top. Attach a ribbon and some string from the bottom of it and let girls decorate their Kite before displaying them somewhere in the hall.

Tug of war started in Burma and Korea and was often used to resolve village disputes.
Play Tug of War.


Hans Christian Anderson is Denmark’s most famous story teller. He wrote The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, Thumbalina and many more. The Brothers Grimm, who wrote Rumpletstiltskin and Hansel & Gretel, came from Germany and collected folk tales.
In patrols turn a fairytale into a 3 play


In some parts of Africa women and girls have to carry water on thier head from the village well or river every day.
Try carrying a plastic bucket of water (or ice-cream container) on your head. How often do you have to stop? (I think I may have ended up doing a relay between patrols for this activity)

In West Africa, they use simple percussion instruments when they’re singing.
Making Drums: Have the bottom of a plastic bottle (pre cut) or a plastic container for each girl. Get girls to put some uncooked rice inside their container. Help girls to stretch a balloon over the top of their container, using glue and string to hold it in place and then decorate their drums.


Mosaics decorate many homes and buildings throughout the middle east.

Using coloured paper(already cut into small bits) and glue, get girls to fill in the outlines of different World Guiding symbols to create their own mosaics. Hang these in the hall with their kites.

Western Hemisphere

“Rabbits Without a House” is a running game from Brazil.

You will need at least 10 players. Choose someone to be the rabbit without a house. The other girls divide into groups of three: 2 girls stand holding hands to make a “house” and one girls stands inside the house as the “rabbit”. When the Leader calls out “Find a house” all the rabbits try to find a new house – whoever doesn’t manage to in time is now the house less rabbit.

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