“The Great Nagambie Floods” – Shindig Wide Game



This game was written by a friend and I for a state camp called Shindig. Obviously we wrote it specifically for it – however I am sure it can be adjusted and run for a smaller group, area or younger age.
We used the local foot ball oval as our venue and had teams of 8 or so – teams went to wherever was empty or could hold more then one team at a time until the had done everything. Was a lot of fun and silliness – but was also trying to educate/raise awareness about floods and their dangers.

The Game


Hello Citizens of Shindig Lane, Nagambie. We have just been warned by the SES that floods are imminent, the worst floods we have seen in this area for years! It is time to prepare and to survive. Good luck!


The first line of defence you must prepare against this disaster is a sandbag wall. Using materials supplied to you protect your humble abode you must construct a sturdy and clearly superior sandbag wall.

I believe each team was given balloons and tape and had to build a protective barrier out of them.


Oh dear! It does appear that all the drinkable water has run out. I guess we’re all going to die of thirst…oh wait! Some bright person has suggested sanitising the water!! Sweet as!! But now the question becomes…how?

There was a choice of boiling water or using sanitisation tablets and then they had to actually sanitise it using their choice.


Oh drat, you seem to have lost one of your team members.  Lucky for you, you happen to find this handy rope and chart floating past. With a note that says “use this in case of a lost team member!”. Inspiring and heroic music plays as your carry out the rescue op.

This activity was actually tying a bowline (the chart had the instructions for it)


Sadly during natural disasters there is often loss of life in the case of this emergency, you have located a child who appears to be unconscious. Luckily you know first aid. Perform CPR.

We had a pillow to do it on I believe  – but pretty self explanatory – perform CPR 🙂


A rampant floating futon has knocked someone unconscious. Round up the rampaging futon and secure it before it can bowl over more people.

As teams approached this station the person manning it through asmall foam childrens couch – our “Futon” – at them then picked it up and ran away. Teams had to chase them down, get the futon off them and secure it so they – the “Storm” – couldn’t take it again, using ropes and pegs provided.


Flash Flooding is imminent!! Oh dear!! Luckily for you you have time to pack! Unlucky for you you can

only take 3 things…which shall you choose?

family photos, pet, battery radio, fresh water, food, bucket, camp stove & fuel, mobile phone, flares, iodine tablets, iphone, first aid kit.

Pretty self explanatory. 


You find yourself in a little bit of a pickle…mainly because the flood waters have passed the sand bags and you are now stranded on the roof of your house. Luckily the roof of your house is not triangular shaped….it’s flat. If it was triangular that could be potentially problematic…also lucky for you, you happen to have a tent up on this flat roof with you! Put it up without any pegs, and use what is around you to secure it.

Supply team with a small dome tent and ropes. Get them to pull it down once they have finished read for the next team.


So, it turns out electricity and water don’t mix. This is problematic in a flood. Luckily for you someone has marked out a safe path to cross the electrified water. However, wouldn’t this be difficult if one of you was deaf and had to lead you, one of you was dumb (as in, can’t talk) and the rest were blind? Cos that pretty much sums up the situation…

So we had a basic obstacle course set up and blindfolded a whole team. One person could see what was happening and would act out instructions for the Deaf Person – who would then call them out to the blindfolded team so they could complete the course.

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