Stranded! – A Wide Game




Set Up

I am not doing a “need” section for this wide game as it is too extensive and depends on how you chose to run it. I think the set up section should explain a lot of it.

This wide game is best played outdoors at night in the winter months (So it is dark), so make sure you tell your girls to rug up. We played it with three patrols out the back of our guide hall where we have a small paddock area.

In the middle of the area we had “Tribal Council”, where there was a fire drum (And Fire) and the Tribes notice boards. Then, set up at three points away from the Council area was the “Tribal Sites” – each had a pile of tarps, ropes, carpet, pegs, etc and a post with which tribal site it was.

Also as part of the set up you will need to lay a trail leading from the tribal council to a hiding place. We used cardboard cut outs of tracking signs wrapped in foil so they were reflective and could be found with a torch. At the end of the trail is the pre measured damper ingredients – we had each patrols in their own waterproof box.

When it comes to the clues and set up of the game – try to make it authentic. All of our clues and envelopes were hand written and then crumpled and stained with tea and coffee – some of the Signs were even burnt. Make sure you laminate everything – or put them in zip lock bags – as during winter it is bound to rain.

Have it set up so all you have to do as the night progresses is change the clues over at their patrols notice boards. When we ran the night it ran smoothely and was one of the best wide games – according to the girls – that we have run.

The Running Of

As Girls arrive -greet them with a sign Stating they have been shipwrecked and washed ashore on to an ancient Island – Wahroonga. The Islands Elder’s have taken pity on you and decided to help you out. You need to find a place to stay for the night – there are some tribal site’s up ahead that have been prepared for you. Try and find your Tribes.

At each Tribal site we had a sign post erected with a picture of their Patrol Emblem (kookaburra, Pelican or Honeyeater) and a sign that said

“Tribal Site ‘K’
Site Construction

We have supplied you with some items to help you build a waterproof shelter large enough for your whole Tribe.
Work Together , and work fast! Good Luck!

Once you have finished send one member of your Tribe to Tribal Council for your next task”

When the girl arrived at Unit Council – the next task was in the plastic pocket attached to their Tribes notice board.  They then took this back to their Shelter where it was read as a Tribe.

“Your Tribe needs a LEADER.

As a tribe elect someone to lead and represent you – but there’s a catch! 

This person cannot have been a leader before.

Your Leader must now present themselves at Tribal Council.”

When the girl presented herself to Tribal Council she was handed a “Leadership Toke” to wear around her neck and collected the Third task.

“It appears Wahroonga’s previous inhabitants have left a TRAIL – follow it and see where it leads”

Also in the envelope was a tracking sheet with the key for the symbols you have previously laid.

Girls followed the trail a little way in to the bush land rimming the Guide hall where, at the base of a tree they found a small waterproof box with their Tribe’s symbol on it. They then brought these back to their shelters.

Inside the box was pre measured flour (with a pinch of salt in it), pre cut pieces of foil, a permanent marker and there was also a bottle of water under the tree for each patrol. There was also a card that read:

Lucky for you, the trail has lead to the ingredients fo
At your Tribal Site follow the recipe and take it to Tribal Council to be cooked. “

The recipe on the lid of the box read

“Damper: Tip flour into a bowl. Slowly add water, mixing in before you add any more.
When you have a nice dough, wrap individual serves in foil.
Write your name on the foil .
Place in fire.” 

The Tribal Leader took the serves of Damper up to the Tribal Council where the Tribal Elders (Leaders) placed in fire to cok. A third envelope – and 5th task – was waiting for them.

Your smallest tribe member has fallen over and hurt their leg, and broken their arm!
Quick! Perform first aid and build a stretcher so your whole tribe can attend the LAST Tribal Council!! “

At the last tribal council Girls were informed their rescuers were here – but in order to leave the island in it’s beautiful and un touched state they found it in they need to un build their shelters and pack them up neatly.

Girls were then given their damper and a choice of butter, jam, honey to have with it before going home.

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