“Speed Dating” – 14+



Set Up:
The week before ask girls to bring a plat of food to share – designated half the girls mains and half the girls desserts so you have a nice spread.
Set a table with name cards and try to make it so girls are sitting opposite girls they maybe don’t know so well.  Place a copy of the rules between each pair.
Also supply girls with a name check list to mark off who they have talked to.


We ran this when we had a lot of new girls and leaders with the aim to get to know each other a bit better. It worked really well and was a fun way to break the ice. If you want you can all come dressed in formal wear to make it even more fun.

The Rules of Butterfly Guides “Speed Dating”

1)   You must sit where your name card is – no swapsies!

2)   Every 10 minutes there will be a bell and you will have to move one seat to your right.

3)   As soon as you are facing someone you have faced before you must put your hands on your heads. A leader will then re arrange so everyone is sitting opposite new people.

4)   For the ten minutes you are facing someone your mission is to find out 5 new things about them.

5)   If need be, refer to your “conversation started” sheet.

6)   As you sit opposite to someone mark their name off your card.

7)   Have Fun!


1)   What is your favourite colour and why?

2)   What is your favourite animal and why?

3)   What is your favourite book and why?

4)   What school do you go to? Do you like it?

5)   How old are you?

6)   What was your favourite holiday you’ve been on?

7)   Do you play a sport? What is it?

8)   Have you ever been overseas? Where? How was it?

9)   What is your favourite memory?

10) What did you have for breakfast?

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