Random Night – Wide Game




small peices of paper
plastic plate
a selection of small random items
something to mark out a large naught’s and crosses board
5 or so riddles


This night was written after my girls wanted a “Random Night” – we came up with it by brainstorming “random”and this was the end result. Designed for indoors.

Set Up:

Set up a pile of chairs and blankets for each patrol. Once theyhave built their shelters scatter the lettered peices of paper outside its entrance and supply them with a balloon and plate – or “Safety Zone”. Once that task is finish deliver their “mysterious package” of random items to their entrance. Make sur when shelters are set up there is plenty of room left for the Olympics to happen.

The Running Of:

1) Woah! You have been transported to a new land! Construct a shelter out of the supplied materials for your patrol.

2) Outside your shelter you discover some scattered bits of paper, however this paper cannot be touched by human hands! Using a balloon, transport pieces of paper to the safety zone.
(NB- girls can do this by making the balloon static by rubbing it against a jumper or similar)

3) The Safety Zone makes the paper safe to touch. You realise that each piece has a letter on it. Using these letters create a name for your patrol.

4) Your Patrol receives a mysterious parcel. Using the items in the parcel create a mascot for your tribe.

5)Your patrol receives an invitation to the Randomville Olympics. How exciting! Your patrol is going to need a Patrol Chant for this occasion.

6) You have arrived at the olympics. There are two other patrols from the area here to compete as well. The events you will be competeing in are:
-Human Naught and Crosses
-The Letter Game

Human Naughts and Crosses:
Mark out in the space a large naughts and crosses board. Two teams play at a time. One is naughts, (hands above their head in an “O” shape) and the other crosses (hands crossed on chest in an “X” shape). Teams take it in turns for one girl at a time to chose a place on the board. Normal rules apply.

Read out 5 riddles to the patrols – have each patrol write their answer down on a sheet of paper.

The Letter Game.
All girls spread out in the space and a Leader calls out a letter -“a” , “b” “c” etc – girls have to then physically become something beginning with that letter in 5 seconds and freeze. Leader goes around and askes girls what they are. Girls are out if
a) they have not become what they say they are (ie, standing with arms crossed but claiming o be an apple)
b) if they are a colour, person, emotion, describing word or the letter that was called out. (objects and animals only)
c) more then one person is the same thing (ie, 2 banana’s)
d) they have not come up with anything in the 5 seconds given
The winner is the last person left in.

7) Congratulations! You have returned from the Randomville Olympics and now i is time to go home. Pack up your shelter and gather with the other patrols in a circle ready to say good bye 🙂

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