MDG 2 – Educate Me and You!




Coloured Pencils and Textas
Butchers Paper
Print outs of MDG Fact Sheet
Post It Notes

Running Of Night:

One: When I Grow Up…

As girls arrive get them to draw a picture of what they would like to be when they grow up. Have somewhere they can stick these up and get them to discuss in small groups what they think they will have to do to get there.
Two: What I Have Learnt?

Get the girls to discuss what they have learnt at school this week – expanding on it to say how it may effect their lives. For Example:

I learnt my nine times tables.
This will help me pass VCE.
Which will help me get into Uni.
Which will help me become a teacher. etc

Three: My Favourite Class.

Have a board and some post it notes. Give each girl 4 post it notes and get them to write on each one and stick it under the following headings.
Favourite Class
Least Favourite Class
Most Important Class
Least Important Class

Once all girls have put their views up, discuss.

Four: “Fahma’s Story”

Tell the girls about Fahma. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up, but her parents can’t afford to send her to achool. Her friend, Sara, tells her how UNICEF can pay her fees for her but when Fahma tells her mother this her mother tels her education is wasted on girls.

What do the girls think about this story? Can they think of ways they could help girls like Fahma get an education? What else do they have to say on the matter?

Five: If I Couldn’t Write.

Imagine if you had never learnt to read and write. Make a list of all the things that would be made harder if you couldn’t read or write, or all the things you couldn’t do.

What other ways are there to communicate?

Six: MDG Fact Sheet Ad.

Supply each patrol with an MDG Fact Sheet and a supply of paper and textas etc. Get them to come up with ways they can advocate about MDG 2 – they can make a poster or an advert you could film, or a pamphlet. It’s up to them.

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