Let’s Get Messy – Bring A Friend Night


10-14 (but I have run similar nights with 7-11 year olds and 14-17 year olds)

Waterguns and spray bottles
Food Die
tubs of water
Old Sheets
Garbage Bags

Capture the Flag
Human Art Works
The Massive Tarp of Mess.

The Running Of The Night

Activity One:
Capture The Flag:

Each team is armed with a bucket of water and flour bombs.
One team has a bucket of water with red water, the other with blue, and a selection of water bottles, guns and spray bottles.One team has flour bombs, the other has coco bombs (made out of stockings)
Each team is given a flag and their weaponary, they go off and have 3 minutes to find a base, tie their flag to it and comeup with a strategy.

The aim of the game is t capture the other teams flag and bring it back to your base before thye caprute yours. If you get hit by an oponents flour/cocoa bomb or water shooter you must drop everything you are holding and go to “jail” for 60 seconds before resuming play.

Alternatively – we also play this with all the flour bombs stacked in the middle of the playing field – girls have to run in and grab as many as they can returning to base on the starting signal before they can use them. Two junior leaders are armed with spray bottles and buckets of coloured water and are the Peace Police – If hit by a flour bomb you go to jail for 60 seconds, if hit by one of the “Peace Police” its 2 minutes. This adds an extra dimension to the game.

Activity Two:
Human Art Works

Old sheets are laid down and pegged down. The girls are given paint. They can then go nuts with the sheet and the paint using their bodies as paint brushes.

Try to give them stories to create if you want more structure – or make it a team activity to make the best giraffe, forest, what ever using their bodies as their paint brushes.

Activity Three:
The Massive Tarp Of Mess

Using the biggest tarp you can find peg it down, then cover it with cold cooked spaghetti, jelly, and soap suds.
Let the girls go wild! You may have a jelly wrestling competition, or some sort of sliding completion, or just let the girls go nuts.

Parents MUST be made aware of how messy tonight is and that the girls clothes must be clothes they don’t mind being destroyed. Also, ask girls to bring a change of clothes (including undies socks and shoes), a towel and two garbage bags; one for their dirty clothes and one to sit on on the way home.

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