Eco Night




Egg Cartons
Pipe cleaners
Pom Poms
Pile of leaves
Coloured paper
Recyclable materials
Sticky tape
Glue  Stick insects (well, we had hem because I keep stick insects. I bought in some of my Juvenile ones for the night.)
Painted tree with no leaves
Leaves cut out of green paper
“If I Slept For 100 Years” Sheets.
Bird Seed

Recycled Bird Feeders
Egg Carton Insects
Stick Insect Learn and Discover
Leaf People
Tree of Change

Set Up

The week before we asked girls to collect and bring in their recycling for the week.

We set up our entire hall as if it was a forest. We had things hanging from the roof, the lights covered in green cellophane, a mural on one wal with a river that extended into the hall, and lots of trees.

We set up the activities and at different placeas around the hall and had someone manning the stick insects, bird feeders and egg carton Insect. Girls moved around to the different activities at their own leisure. One of our leaders also dressed up as a turtle.It was a very successful night. 🙂The Running Of

Eco Night – click here for the instruction sheets for the activities.

If I Slept For A Hundred Years – click here for the “If I Slept For 100 Years” activity sheet.

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