Thinking Day and MDG 3 – Equality!


MDG3 Graffiti Board
6 Newspaper Photos
Butchers Paper
Paper (a5 sheets)
MDG3 fact Sheet
Fact Sheets on all focus countries.
Post it notes

What Is Thinking Day?
What Do You See?
Different Ways With Paper
Super Skills
Real Beauty
What I’ve Learned
Job Charades
Boys Jobs
Design A Campaign Poster

The Running Of:

Activity One:
What Is Thinking Day?

Ask the Girls if they know what thinking Day is, have a brief 5 minute discussion about it and its history. Then explain about the world Thinking Day Fund, and where their money is going to this year.

Activity Two:
What Do You See?

Pin up 6 pictures taken from news papers without their captions. Giving each girl a couple of post it notes get them to come up with one positive caption and one negative caption for each picture. Then pin up the real caption, get the girls to have a look at how the captions can affect the context of the picture, and discuss what the real captions say.

Activity Three:
Diffferent Ways with Paper.

Give each girl a peice of a5 paper and get them to sit facing walls, corners etc so they can’t see every one else. Read out the following instructions.

1) Fold your paper in half
2) Fold it diagonally
3) Rip off one corner
4) Fold it in half again
5)Fold in one third
6) rip off another corner

Get the girls to come back together in a circle and unfold their pieces of paper. How different are they? Discuss differences.

Activity Four
Super Skills

Separate the girls into groups or patrols. Give them five minutes for them to discuss what each of their individual skills are and organise a presentation of them for the group. It may be a poster or a performance or anything they can think of.

Activity Five:
Real Beauty

Sticking pieces of butchers paper together draw two female out lines, Give the girls Textas and title one “Outer” and one “Inner” inside the appropriate outlines get the girls to brainstorm inner and outer beauty. Once they have done discuss which one they think is more important and the meaning of “real” beauty.

Activity Six
What I’ve Learnt

Standing in a circle get one girl to say something they have learnt this week at school, and the other girls to start yelling out how it is going to help them in their life (is 9 times table, pass vce exam, get into uni, pass uni, get a job, be able to keep books at guides etc). Can be loud and boisterous, allow a couple of silly suggestions.

Then discuss how many girls don’t get the chance to have an education and learn these things, how do the girls think this would affect their lives? Can they imagine a life where they didn’t get to go to school?

Activity Seven
Job Charades

In a hat place a whole lot of different occupations, one girl pulls one out and has to act it out until the girls guess it. Keep going for a bit.

Activity Eight:
It’s a Mans World

Get the girls to brainstorm what they perceive as “boys jobs”. Why do they think that? Is it possible for a woman to do this job? Why? Why Not?

Activity Nine
Design A poster and Campaign.

This is an at home task. Patrol elections are coming up, the girls are to design their own campaign posters and campaign including a speech. Each girl should do at least a poster even if they are not running for PL.

Activity Ten

Present the girls with the boards about the focus countries for where their money is going to, as well as facts and figures on the MDG3. What do the girls think about all this? Can they think of ways they can make a difference? Have the graffiti board set up for the girls to write/draw whatever on.

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