The Scientific Night of Awesome




Plastic soft drink bottle
Plastic cups
Corn flour
Bicarb soda
News paper
Food die
Duct Tape
Glasses/glass jars

Corn Flour Slime
Egg Parachutes
Torando in a bottle
Lava Lamps

The Running Of

Activity One:

Each girl gets a plastic drink bottle and some coloured paper. Tell them they have 10 minutes to make a volcano.
Once they have done this head out side and give each girl some bi-carb soda and some vinegar. Tell them to put in their bicarb and then their vinegar and watch what happens.

Activity Two:
Egg Parachutes

In patrols the girls are given an egg and a set of materials (straw, news paper, a certain amount of tape). They have to make some form of structure or parachute that will protect the egg from breaking when dropped from a height onto a hard surface.

Activity Three:
Corn Flour Slime

As a patrol they are given a bowl some corn flour, food die, and water. Get them to mix it all together…what has it made?

Activity Four:
Tornado in a bottle.

Each patrol is given some water, food die, glitter, two soft drink bottles and duct tape. Get the girls to half fill one bottle with water/food colour and glitter and then duct tape the other bottle on top, neck to neck.
Swirl the bottom bottle around and then turn them over.

Activity Five
Lava Lamp

Each girl gets a glass jar. Get them to half/3/4 fill it and add food die of their choice.
Then add a couple of centimetres worth of oil.
Poor salt on top and watch what happens.

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