Spooky Camp


Spooky Camp was run over a long weekend from the Saturday Morning until the Tuesday Afternoon. It was a mammoth effort – and despite leaders being sick, and horrible weather it turned out really well. We stayed indoors as we had a few younger girls with us who had never camped before. We probably could have done with an extra leader (only having 3 leaders and a Junior Leader for the weekend at any given time), but we still pulled through the other end with miles and lots of good memories!


10am:           Arrive
10.30am       Morning tea and chat.
11am             Haunted House’s
12.30pm       Duty Group
1pm              Lunch
1.30pm         Duty Group
2pm             Witches Cauldrons
3.30pm        Afternoon Tea
4pm                 Rest hour and showers
5pm            Duty Groups/silent games/hair
5.30pm      Duty Groups
6pm             Dinner
7pm             duty groups
7.30pm        Night Walk
9pm             Supper
9.30pm        Health time
9.45pm        Bed, Lights Out


7am             Rise and Shine
7.30am         Breakfast
8.15am         Duty groups
8.45am         Health time
9am             Witches Cauldron Wide Game
10.30pm       Morning tea
11.am           Halloween Craft
12.30pm       Duty group
1pm              Lunch
1.30pm         Duty groups
2pm                   Haunted Forests
3.30pm         Afternoon tea
4pm                   Rest hour and showers
5pm                   Duty groups/quiet games
5.30pm         Duty groups
6pm             Dinner
7pm                   Duty groups
7.30pm         Cluedo
9pm                   Supper
9.30pm         Health time
9.45pm         Bed, Lights out


7am             Rise and Shine
7.30am        Breakfast
8.15am        Duty groups
8.45am        Health time
9am             Badge Work
10.30am       Morning tea
11.am          Frankenstein Wide game
12.30pm       Duty group
1pm            Lunch
1.30pm        Duty groups
2pm                 Spooky Games
3.30pm        Afternoon tea
4pm                 Rest hour and showers
5pm                 Duty groups/quiet games
5.30pm        Duty groups
6pm             Dinner
7pm                 Duty groups
7.30pm        Campfire
9pm             Supper
9.30pm        Health time
9.45pm        Bed, Lights Out

                  Rise and Shine
7.30am      Breakfast
8.15am      Duty groups
8.45 am     Health time
9am             Pack up
10am         Morning tea
10.30am    Guides own
12.00pm     Closing and Lunch
1pm                Pick up

Activity One:

Haunted Houses


Card board boxes

Rolls of duct tape



Each patrol is assigned a certain amount of materials, and an area inside the house. Their task is to create a haunted house for their patrol that can be used as a sort of club house for the weekend.





Paper mache glue (1 cup of flour, 2 cups of water)

Black Streamers

Masking tape


Stand balloon in a cup or shape a piece of rolled up news paper to form a stand. Using the torn up bits of paper mache and glue shape a cauldron using the balloon as a beginning. Once you are happy with it thickness and shape, fashion a stand out of paper mache for it as well.
Using black streamers and the paper mache glue – cover cauldron so it is black and lace in a warm place to dry.



Warm Clothes, torches, first aid kit, glow sticks


Make sure girls are rugged up and have their glowstick attached to them somewhere visible. Go for a walk. At night. Yay 🙂



Recipe Cards
Ingredients (corn flour, water, green food die, glitter)
plastic ziplock bags (to line cauldrons with)
Riddle print off for Juinor Leader (Sarah)
POem Cards
Ziplock Bags for collecting.
Play dough or modelling clay.


Hidden around the site are ingredients you need for your potions and spells, there are clues and riddles to find where they are hidden, and each is guarded by a different witch. Each witch will present you with a challenge which you must complete to earn your ingredients.

Once you have them, head back to your cauldrons and mix up your potions.

Challenge One:

Terri is having trouble tying knots to  hold up all her herbs for her potions, to help her can your whole patrol tie a clove hitch, reef knot, round turn two half hitches.

Challenge Two


 Vicki has lost her familiar with your patrol, create the perfect dragon for Vicki to use as her Familiar.

Challenge Three

Sarah has lost her mind, and is having trouble remembering her spells, help her to unravel the following riddles.

What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?

A Towel

You throw away the outside and cook the inside, then you eat the outside and throw away the inside, what did you eat?

Ear of Corn

Whats black and white and red all over?

A newspaper


Challenge Four

Oh no, Em has broken her left elbows finger. She is un able to gather the following ingredients for a terrible spell

Help her out 🙂

Something Brown, something Green
Something barely ever seen
Something pretty, something bare
Something that resembles hair

 Once girls have gathered all ingredients in their patrols, supervise the making of their “magic potion” or corn flour slime in their cauldrons. Make sure you line their cauldrons first with a ziplock bag.




Wax paper


Card board

Pipe cleaners


PVA Ghosts,
-On wax paper draw a Ghost shape in PVA and add googly eyes. leave to dry. Once Dry pull off the wax paper and poke a hole in it to hang it from a necklace.

Pom Pom Bats and Spiders
Cut two identical “doughnut” shapes out of card (we did this the night before for the girls). Wrap wool around and around and around it until it is evenly covered and you are happy with its thickness. With the pipe cleaners fashion wither legs or wings and poke through hole in middle. Take some scissors and cut all the way around the edge of the wrapped wool, tying a long iece of wool between the two, now open, cards to secure creature. Remove card and viola!

Egg carton pumpkins

Paint an section of egg carton orange. Decorate. Cool beans 🙂


A Florist Foam block for each girl.
Buckets to colect things in.
Cotton Spider Webs and Food Dye.

Send girls outside to gather sticks, leaves, stones, anything they would like to put in thier enchanted forests. Make sure you talk to them about making sure they are not hurting the environment when they do so.

When they come back let them create, in their florist foam using what they have collected their own little spooky forest scene. To ad atompshpere let them drape fake cob webs and drop drops of food dye on them

(This activity was actually really goo – the girls really enjoyed it and using florists foam mean they could keep their forest’s alive. It was cool to see how different each girls was)


Before camp, every girl was designated a Cludo  character to come dressed as for dinner on the Sunday night.

 During dinner our junior leader sissapeaerd to the toilets and never returned – when the girls went to investigate they found her “dead” on the stairs. They then had to follow the clues and trail to find out who the murderer was. Unfortunately this was hand written and I can;t seem to find it any where – however – I do think this would have to be tailored to different groups of girls and personalities. Was good fun though 🙂



Ghost letters

Skelton bones

Silly string

Box of gross ness

Boxes with brains



The girls are briefed by the Village Chief, Doctor Frankenstien is creating a new monster to terrosie the town ship with, it is up to the girls to stop him. Luckily, Frankenstien can’t being his monster to life without a brain, the girls mission is to commandeer the brain from it’s super, top secret hiding place.

But beware! Frankenstien has got wind of your plans and has sent his zombie out to try and stop you. If you are caught by the zombie you must go to the dungeon where your patrol has to rescue you from before they can go any further in their quest. This could happen through a daring, cunning and clever rescue attempt, or perhaps by completing a challenge given to you by the dungeon master.

Your first task is to go to the valley of the ghouls, find all your patrol’s ghosts and arrange the letters to find out where the next task in your quest is hidden!

The next task will be hidden in their club houses.

Well done! You have survived the Valley of the Ghouls, you know need to win the respect of the Head Skeleton, you have heard that the head Skeleton’s friends have fallen to bits, find all the pieces scattered around the town and put them back together again. Once you have, find the Head Skeleton and try to earn your way past.

The head skeleton will have three tasks for you to complete, if, as a patrol you complete them you will be allowed to pass and be given a hint as to where the key is hidden.

The key is hidden in a bucket of horror! Stick your hand int and find the key.

Now the race is on! Find the safe and the brain before the other patrols, or before the Zombie catches you!

Hooray! You have stopped foiled frankenstiens monster experiment!

Ok, so this was the most epic wide game ever. The Ghoul Letters were hidden around the main room. The pieces of the skeleton were scattered all around the outside property of the camp. The head skeleton was hiding where none of the girls knew, and the brain was hidden downstairs in the boys toilets in one of the cubicles.
On top of all of that, we had out junior leader dressed entirely in green, complete with fake blood, and armed with endless cans of silly spring as our Zombie. As the girls ran around trying to find things, complete tasks etc she was constantly chasing hiding, and jumpig out at them. If she caught them with silly spring they had to head to the dungeons (which started off as the kitchen but moved on to the main room once all tasks were done in there) where they weren’t allowed out until the dungeon master (QM) had given them a task to complete and they had done it. (it started of with helping to clean up from lunch – but moved on to performing songs, silly errands etc). A girls patrol was not allowed to continue the wide game until their friend had been released or rescued(so patrols were constantly trying to break other members out of the ‘dungeon’ in the got caught the whole lot ended up in there)
The bucket of horror was a bucket for each patrol fool of whole peeled tomatoes, tinned fruit salad, baked beans, cold soup, cold paster and plastic snakes, spiders etc – as well as a small cut out of a key.
Our brain we made from a mush of paper mache and red food die, shaped and wrapped in plastic to dry. We then inclose it in a cardboard box we contacted shut and hid.
The girls still talk about this wide game to this day. 


Mummies: Toilet paper game

Create That Monster: Play dough – blond folded, description


During the weekend – during quite time and badge work time – the girls had chosen the theme and place for their guides own and each girl had been working on their contribution. it was one of the nicest Guides owns i have been to with each girl contributing thoughtfully and creatively. 

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