Pyjama Party



-Pillow Cases
-Fabric Paint
-Guide Biscuits
-Sleeping bags
-Ball of socks
-4 chairs
-Hot Water


-Decorating Pillowcases
-Pillow Hockey
-Slug Races
-Sleeping Slugs
-Smores/Hot Chocolate

Running Of:

Activity One:

Decorating Pillowcases

Have it set up as girls enter so they can get straight into it.
Each girl gets a pillowcase.
Fabric paint are in the middle of the room, lay out some news paper, as girls walk in they each get a pillow case and can start decorating, might want to put out scraps of material and needles and thread too.
Will probably entertain for 20-30 minutes.


Activity Two:
Pillow Hockey

Divide girls into two to four teams depending on how many girls there are. (4-5 girls a team). Give each team different coloured scarves to wear.

A ball of socks is the puck, two chairs at either end of the hall serve as goals.

Their pillows are their sticks.

Each team picks a goal keeper.

No one is allowed to tough the puck with their hands, feet, knees, heads etc…anything that is NOT their pillow, except for the goal keeper who may use their feet.

Place the socks in the middle of the room, any teams not playing sit up along the green cupboards.

On “Go” the teams have 5 minutes to score as many goals as possible, after their five minutes the game is up.

If there are Four Teams the other two teams now play, with the winners of the two separate games playing each other in a grand final.

If there is three teams, the third team plays the losing team with the winner of the second match playing the winner from the first match in a grand final.


Activity Three:
Slug Races

Girls race from one end of the hall to the other in sleeping bags, thus making them “slugs”


Activity Four:
Sleeping Slugs

Each girl is in a sleeping bag, played the same as murder in the dark, or wombats waddle.

Each Girl is in a sleeping bag and they are moving about the room. The leader taps one girl, when a girl is tapped they curl up in their sleeping bag and start to snore, the other girls then have to guess who is “asleep”.


Activity Five:


Last activity of the night.

Girls melt their marshmallows over a candle and then put it between two biscuits. Hot milos are served.

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