MDG’s – What Are They?!? (An Introduction)

I ran this for a group of Girls aged 10-16 as an introduction to the WAGGGS GAT Badge.


Posters of MDG’s, GAT etc.

9 Graffiti Boards (One for MDG’s In general, 8 for each separate MDG)

Floor Puzzles (Of Girls Action Themes)

Connect MDG’s together (string,  sticky notes, and MDG Logos)

Bingo (MDG’s. Logos, and GAT)

MDG Song

The Running Of:

Activity One:
What Are MDG’s?

Have the girls sit down and ask them. Have You Heard of the MDG’s? If So, what do you know about them?

Using the first Graffiti Board – the  one for MDG’s in general- get them to write, draw etc any thoughts or knowledge or opinions they have on the MDG’s.

After they have done this give them a quick overview of the nine of them and put up the remaining 8 Boards. Explain to them that for the remainder of the year these 8 boards will be around for them to write on, share thoughts, opinions, ideas, knowledge etc.

Activity Two:
What is the Global Action Theme?

Hold Up a poster of the GAT. Ask the girls if there is anything familiar about them…hopefully they recognise the MDG’s in them. Discuss briefly what the GAT is, and the GAT badge.

Two Massive Floor Puzzles, one for each patrol. A race to see which patrol can finish them first. They are of the GAT logos and themes.

Activity Three:
Show Me The Links.

Each Patrol is given 8 logos (one of each MDG) some coloured wool and sticky notes. Ask them to turn the MDG’s into a mind map, using the wool and sticky notes to illustrate where they think there are links and what they think they are.
Give them 10 minutes or so, once they have finished get them to show the leaders and the other patrol and explain it to them.

Activity Four:
Did Someone Say BINGO!?!

Each girl is given a 3 by 3 bingo card containing MDG logos, GAT logos, mdg slogans and GAT slogans. A leader has a hat or a container with the same mix in it.
If the Leader pulls out “End extreme Poverty and Hunger” and a girl has the matching MDG logo they can cover it up, and vice versa. If the leader pulls out a GAT logo and the gilr has the matching gat slogan she can cover it up, etc etc.
The winner is the first to fill her board.

Activity Five:
Song And Dance

Teach the girls the MDG song, then give each patrol a copy of the song. Give them 10 minutes to go away in their patrol and work out a dance routine/performance of the song to perform back to the group. Tell them they will get extra points for creativity and for energy.

Activity Six:
Ad Campaign

One Last thing. Give all the girls a fact sheet on the mdgs, ask them to go away in their patrols (this could take half an hour if you want) ask them to go through the fact sheet and then put together and ad about the MDG’s to educate and advocate. Tell them this ad will be aired on national tv and what do they think needs to be in it. When they come back get them to show their performance to the group.

To end the night you may have another small discussion about the MDG’s, and some time to write/draw on the Graffiti Boards. Chat about the GAT badge, etc.

Close. Send them Home…go home and have some dinner and a cup of tea. =)

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