MDG 1 – Food For Every One





Meat and veg
Know Want Learn Chart and sheets
Fact sheets
Graffiti board
Butchers paper
Blue tack


Rice Dinner
Know Want Learn
$1 a day – Living Below the line
Fact or Fiction?
What If?
Teach a man to fish.

The Running Of:

Activity One:
Rice Dinner

Serve each girl with a small bowl of rice relevant to the portions a child their age would receive if living in extreme poverty.
For a twist on this, pull names out of a hat equalling 10% of the girls, give them a more substantial and decent meal.

Activity Two:
Know, Want, Learn.

Separating, get the girls to fill a sheet on what they know about world poverty, what they want to know about world poverty, and what they have learnt…the learnt one probably wont be filled in until later in the night.

Coming back as a group fill in the main group chart with what they know and what they would like to know.

Later in the night do the what they have learnt.

Activity Three:
Living Below the Line-$1 a day.

People who live on less than $1 US a day are considered to be living in extreme poverty.
Split the girls up into patrols and give each patrol a selection of supermarket catalogues. Tell them how much Aus $$ they have to survive the week based off this statistic. Using butchers paper and scissors and glue get them to construct their shopping list for the week, and then explain it back to the group.

Activity Four
Fact or Fiction?

Basically true or false, gather a whole lot of statistics on extremem poverty and hunger, as well as make up some false ones. Mix them together and get the girls to pin them up under “Fact” or “Fiction” depending on where they think they go. Once they have done this go through and tell them where each one really goes.

Activity Five:
What If?

Break girls into patrols. This works well with two or three groups.
If you have 3 groups give one group the scenario of really really rich, daughter of a billionaire.
Another group middle class, them selves.
The last group Utter lower class, extreme poverty.

Get them to brainstorm and map out the life of this girl, her opportunities and where she will be in 10 years.

Activity Six
Teach A Man To fish

“Give A Man a fish and he will go without hunger one night, teach a man to fish and he will never be hungry again”

Make damper. Teach the girls how to make it and cook it, or scones or something else that is easy.

Discuss as you do so what this would mean…. if we were to just hand out food here and there is it going to eradicate extrememe poverty and hunger?
If not, what are some things that we can be doing?

Activity Seven:

Fill in the remaining column of the Know, want, Learn chart. Have a look at the Want column, have any of these points been answered? If not, perhaps the girls can make it their job to go home and research them.

Let them attack the Graffiti board.

Chat about what they’ve learnt and hear their opinions on it.

Send them home. Winner =)

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