Leadership Development Day


“LEADER” Sheets
White board and markers
or Butchers paper and coloured textas
Bucket of green coloured water
Badge books
Blind folds
A variety of items that could be used to create an obstacle course.

I ran this as a Saturday Afternoon. The girls were really good and keen and put a lot of thought into the discussions. But we did need the full 4 hours to get through it all.

The Running Of:
What Makes A Good Leader?

-Using the letters “LEADER” the girls list qualities of what they think makes a good leader.

-Brainstorm who the girls think are good leaders/role models. Why? Why not?

Human Machine – One at a time every girl has to get up and start doing an action and making a noise – adding to the previous girls to create a living machine.

Line Up

Balloon Games – in a circle, holding hands, they are not allowed to let the balloon touch the ground.

Mirrors facing a partner mirror what they are doing without speaking – when a leader says “change” start following the other person.

Toxic Waste What do they girls think are negative qualities when it comes to leadership? Why do they think this? Get them to write them on a piece of paper after a brief discussion and drop them in to the bucket of “toxic waste” – a bucket of green coloured water.

Patrol Leaders elections – present their “campaigns” and their speeches. Girls break into patrols and come up with their patrol leader. I don’t mind how they do it, via group discussion or voting or whatever. Patrol leaders then “elect” their seconders, by chocing someone they think they can rely on, work well with and is responsible.

Patrol Leaders MeetingSimulate.

Badge system- see below.

Obstacle course with a supplied array of items the girls – as a whole group – must create an obstacle course. It can be as whacky or as sensible as they would like. Then, partnering up, they will have to lead a blindfolded partner through the course and help them complete it – swapping over so that everyone gets a turn being blind folded.

Communication –list of ways we can communicate better at home, school, sport, guides. Now you need to implement this into your life, and we’ll discuss it at another date =)

Hog Call

Blind fold all girls and each is given an animal, when you say go they have to find their partner by making their animals noise.

Planning an Activity.

In their patrol get girls to look through their “create a challenge” badges and come up with one each that they would like to run a nights activitie’s for. Get them to begin to plan it. Explain that as a patrol it is their responsibility to meet up in their own time and have this activity organised. Each patrol will run a night next term.

Explore A Challenge


Get girls to have a look at the “Friendship” syllabus, and explain that you will sign off the first one for them next week for everyone who brings a friend. They can then choose the other three they would like to do individually or as a group.

Peer Assessment

Explain about peer assessment, the process. How a girl will present what they have done for a badge to the group and then the group has to assess it. Get the girls to come up with a list of questions that they will ask a potential badge awardee upon presentation, and a system to devise how they will vote on it.

A Challenge:

What is a challenge?
Explain what might be a challenge for one girl, may not be for another, and badges are about challenging ourselves.

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