In Which The Caterpillar Guides Save The World – Wide Game


Copies of the script for the appropriate leaders.
Print outs of different parts of the wide game to stick up.
Chair and ropes – (for Captured Junior Leader)
Pile of carpets, ropes, poles, tarps, pegs and mallets.
Costumes for leaders

Please Note:

JL = Junior Leader (DF stands for Dragonfly, our Junior Leader’s name)
Elly=Evil Nor.

Also – this wide game appears unfinished. The ending of this wide game can be adjusted to tie in any particular skill or topic you would like the girls to cover. In our version – Elly improvised and ended it with a communication challenge and a stalking challenge ending in the capture of Evil Nor and the release of Dragon Fly – Super Guide.

And one last thing – this wide game was run for a relativley small unit of 10-12 girls and may need to be adjusted to fit in for a unit of more girls.

Set Up:
inside have your Junior Leader hiding in a cupboard or the toilets dressed as a Super Hero Guide, and the Leader to play “Evil Nor” or whatever name you choose for them moustached up and lurking suspiciously in the room.

In the middle of the room have an envelope with the starting of the tale typed up inside it – ask one of the girls to gra it and read it out loud.

Outside have the activities set up and ready to go.

The Running Of:
It is just a normal Tuesday night and you have turned up at your guide hall for your regular unit meeting. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something seems not quite right…

It could be the fact one of the leaders is wearing suspicious items of clothing and seems to have grown pretty impressive moustaches over the week, but no… that can’t be it.

But wait! All of a sudden it hits you! That isn’t your real leader! They are an imposter, what happened to your real leader?

(ah! A role play! How very exciting. The JL jumps out from the toilets where she has been hiding wearing her ‘superhero’ out fit.)

DF: I say! You are not Elly the wonderful Guide Leader! You are Nor, the fearful and dreaded villain! What are you doing here?
Elly: Haha! You have caught me out! I am going to first, take over the Girl Guide Movement and then use them as slaves to help me take over the world! Mwahahahaa.
DF: Well, that’s just not on! Not on at all. You must stop your evil quest of evilness!
Elly: Nevvveeeerrrrrrrrrr!
*captures JL and Thn other leader, tying the JL to a chair and locking the other leader in the kitchen.*

Elly: Now I am in charge and you must all do as I say mwahahahaha.                            

Oh No! With both Dragonfly and Quoll captured you must bend to The Evil Nor’s Will. Her first demand is that you cannot talk at all, as she has you her powers of evilness to take your voices.

Elly: I have used My Powers of Evil to capture all of your voices and they are here, in this jar! *holds up Jar* Now you cannot speak! If I hear anyone speak you will join your beloved “dragon fly” in the Room-Of-Being-Tied-To-A-Chair
DF: Umm, just cos I am tied to a chair doesn’t mean I can’t talk…
Elly: I hadn’t finished Tied-To-A-Chair-And-Gagged. *gags sarah.*

Shoot, this means you will have to communicate for the term of your imprisonments without words. While Elly is distracted studying herself vainly in the mirror, you quickly come up with different ways you will be able to communicate without speaking.

Elly: Now! My Minions. We shall go outside and construct a shelter for me to reside in and rule the country from. I will help by supervising. *leads the way magestically outside to where there is a haphazard pile of carpet and ropes and poles and tarps and pegs etc.

A shelter!! Without speaking! Oh dear. Alas, you must do as she says because…

Elly: If you don’t do as I say I will make all of you join scouts. Mwahahahaha.

Finally you have put up the shelter. Elly settles in to it looking quite pleased as punch.

Elly: I am bored. Dance for me minions.

Dance? How?

Elly: I would like to see a dance from the Pelicans depicting the life cycle of a dinosaur, a dance from Kookaburras depicting the life cycle of a butterfly, and Honeyeaters you may do the life cycle of a loch ness monster.

The Evil Nor has fallen asleep as she watched you dance, although you still can’t sleep, take this opportunity to  steal some of the helpful looking items from around her and hide them somewhere safe, they may come in handy later.

(Evil Nor lete them steal a few before “waking up” and catching one or two people red handed. Tie them up inside with Dragonfly.)

Oh dear! The Evil Nor has captured some of your unit! You must rescue them, but before you can you will need to know your knots. Silently show how to tie a clove hitch and a reef knot.

Awesome! You have rescued your friends! But you cannot reach the heroic Dragonfly. As you stand there contemplating in silence how you could achieve this, the Evil Nor Calls you.

Elly: Minions! I am over this shelter. Please dismantle it and pack it away.

-A rescue
-The final Battle


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