Glow Stick Olympics – Bring A Friend Night

Glow Stick Olympics

10+ was what it is was originally written for – but can easily be adjusted and run for younger girls.

You Will Need:
Glowstick – Lots of them!

 10 empty soft drink bottles
a basket ball or similar – we had a glow in the dark one which added to the whole effect.
Sticky tape
Frisbee’s or plastic plates

Set Up
We ran the night in May (Which is Autumn) outside. We made “Glowstick Lamps” by cutting two or three glowsticks open and emptying them into glace jars – placing them around the place. (At the end of the night the girls were allowed to take one home with them), and by putting a cracked glowstick in balloons before blowing them up and tying them in strings between trees and to banisters etc. It all added to the atmosphere.

The Running Of:

Girls enter and are signed in. Guide pulls a number (1, 2 or 3) out of a bucket and then her and her friend/s go to where that is marked in the hall. At the number there will be a coloured glow stick for each girl – which must be worn on their wrist – and the girls in the group have to come up with their patrol, or teams, name while waiting for all girls to arrive.

Once all girls have arrived give them the run down on the night – there are 6 activities for the night – with 15 minutes to be spent on each activity (Not including the Warm Up Activities). In some – it will involve all three teams playing off (like Tug-a-War, Relay etc)

Others (Like Javelin, bowling) teams will be on the station by themselves, with a total score being tallied and compared to other teams.

Name Wave and Warm Up Games.

1)      Name Wave
Standing in a circle with hand with glowsticks on them in the middle we do a name wave – except instead of jumping raising the glowsticked hand.

2)      Glowstick Pass
One un broken glow stick for each patrol. Using only their elbows the glow stick must make it all the way down the line and back again without breaking. First team to do so wins a point.
Do it again but time the patrols.

3)      Glowstick Pass Two
Each girl has two glow stick, and there is an extra glow stick for each patrol. The patrol has to pass the glow stick down the line without breaking it using only their own glowsticks.

Rotational activities

1)      Glow Stick Bowling
There are two “alleys” marked out by Glowstick bumpers. At one end of the alley is ten bowling pins – or soft drink bottles half full of water with a glow stick or two in each. Normal bowling rules apply – each girl gets two balls a turn. Score is tallied up and at the end of the rotational activities the winning patrol will receive 3 points for their team, the runners up 2 and the third placers 1.

2)      Track and Field – Javelin.
Marked out on the ground is a scoring area – each patrol is given a certain amount of glowsticks and tape and asked to make a javelin for each girl. The winning Then the girls line up and throw the javelins – scoring points for wherever they land in the scoring area. The scores are tallied up – three throws for each girl – and winning team gets 3, and so on, points added to their score.

3)      Discus
Marked out on the ground are 5 hoops – each worth a different amount of points. The girls are given a pile of Frisbee’s and a chance to throw it into as many times as they can in a minute to score as many points as they can.


1)      Tug-A-War
In the middle of a rope is tied a glow stick, with two glow stick lines marked. Tug-A-War rules apply. Each team plays both of the other teams

2)      Glowstick Tag
Each girl is given a glow stick in their patrols colour to stick into the back of their pants. It’s basically a version of every ones it – except instead of tagging you are trying to “capture” glow sticks. If your glow stick gets captured you are out. The winner is the last glow stick wearer left. You may keep all glow sticks you capture.

3)      The Relay of Epic Proportions.
Set up an “obstical course” using chairs, lines of glowsticks, hoops, the bottles from bowling etc. Give each team a glowing jar, and place a glowing jar for each team at the other end.

One at a time a girls from each team races through the course holding their glow jar to swap it at the other end before racing back. Have different challenges to make it more interesting – for example, on the way back at a certain point girls had to stop, put down their jar and do a dance move – on the way there it was spin in three circles.

First team to have all of their girls complete the course wins.


At the end of the P=Olympics – the team who had gathered the most points was announced the Gold Medalists – they got to take home one of the Bottles from the Bowling activitiy  each as a prize.

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