Epic Widegame

The Great Grand Gathering!

(For want of a more creative and better name…)


Wide Game Cards (Text is at the bottom of this post)
Chocolate Cake Mix
Caramel Chocolate
Oven Bags
Obstacle Course materials
Chairs or paper
Semaphore flags.
Semaphore cards
Semaphore message

Set Up:

Attach the cards, brightly coloured, to posts around the space for girls to move from number to number as they complete activities. Set up activities at each post.

Side Note:
We actually used this as a bring a friend night when I had a very small unit (6 girls or so), it worked really well and 3 of the friends joined the next week.

The Running Of:

Card One and Two: 10 minutes
Need: Wood, Rope, Luggage

Girls are given a card; they have to construct a luggage rack in their patrols with the supplied materials, that will hold all the guest’s luggage. The girls may need help with things like square lashing or knots that might be of use they may not know.

Card Three: 10 minutes
Stormy Luggage
Need: Bed roll materials (sleeping bag, mat, tarp, rope, blankets) for each patrol.

Girls are presented with a whole lot of messed up bedding; they have to find the right pieces from the mess to pull together their patrols bed roll.

Card Four:20 minutes
Need: Trangias, cake mix, chocolate, pots, eggs, milk, recipe cards, matches

Girls are given card, recipe card and ingredients and trangia. Make chocolate pudding…omnomnom.

Card Five: 10 minutes
Boredom Busters
Need: Lots of fun, odd, interesting objects.

Set up an area which has a pile of objects. (this can be done in patrols or as one group, it depends). Allow the girls to construct an obstacle course but be wary of safety etc.

Card Six: 15 minutes
Bed Time
Need: Tent/s

Preferably done outside, don’t worry about pegs. Let girls set up a small dome tent in their patrols, don’t worry about pegs. Once the tents have been set up, get the girls to pull them down again.

Card Seven: 10 minutes
Chairs or paper.

Give each patrol enough chairs/paper for one less then the number of girls (ie, if a patrol has 5 girls they get 4 chairs). Mark out a river area. Let them go for it.

Card Eight: 10 minutes
Semaphore flags, semaphore sheets, pens and paprer.

Girls are supplied with semaphore sheets and flags, get the girls to semaphore a help message to the leaders on the other side of the field.

The last step in this wide game is the leaders semaphoring a message back that tells the girls “WELL DONE! YOU HAVE SURVIVED THE GATHERING! HEAD INSIDE THE HALL FOR YOU REWARD,”

The Reward:

Reward them with whatever you want…my girls will get their last bag of lollies left over from camp to share 😉

Go Home.
Have a cup of tea.
Go to bed.




Today is the Great Grand Gathering, and Mt Evelyn Caterpillar Guides are the hosts! There are lots of things to do before the Guests arrive.
But the first thing you realise is there is nowhere for all your guests to store their luggage!

As it is supposed to rain, perhaps you need to build something to keep it all off the ground?


What an excellent structure!
And finished just in time too!, put the bags on your luggage rack to see if it holds.


Some of your guests have arrived through the storm and some of their rubbish has come undone!
Help them by sorting it all out and fixing it all up for them.


Your guests all settle down for dinner, but you realise you’ve forgotten to make desserts! Whoops!
Luckily you have a recipe at the ready!


Your guests have finished eating, and now they are bored and looking for something to do. Using the objects you have create an obstacle course for your Guests.


After all the fun your Guests had on the obstacle course they are very tired and decide it is time to sleep, but there is nowhere for them to!

Quickly! Set up a tent for your guests!


Morning comes, and after all last night’s rain you discover the river has flooded and you are stuck here! Thing is, everyone wants to get home!

Get your whole team across the river to go for help.


Once across the river use semaphore to construct a message and call for help!

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