Dinosaur Wide Game






Print outs on individual cards of each activity.
Finger knitting instruction cards.


Small plastic trees and rocks etc (alternatively girls can gather things from nature around them)
A Large Dinosaur toy (or, we used a small childrens suitcase that looks like a donosaur)
Gadget wood
Small pieces of wood

Bits of key (enough for each patrol to earn one bit at every activity)
Pieces of paper or chairs
Dinosaur Eggs (We made some using play dough and small plastic dinosaurs)

Set Up:
Print off and laminate cards.
Set up each activity around the space – we played it outside – in no particular order. This is not a wide game they have to do in a particular order – just as long as they approach the bridge keeper last. Activities should be setup so you do not have to have a Leader stationed at everyone – just one for every two or three to keep an eye on the girls and supply the piece of puzzle upon their completion of each activity. Girls will have the initiative to go to an empty stunt.

The Running Of:


Girls enter hall and are greated with the “Dinosaur King” and the Arrival Card. Once the girls whole patrol is present they may start on the activities.

Ice Age:

Finger knitting scarves – easy to find instructions on the net if you are not sure on how to finger knit. Some girls may need a bit of help to begin with and to start off.

The Forests of Evelyn:

Using playdough and sticks/ leaves, rocks whatever the girls create a habitat for the dinosaurs. Put soewhere safe as w=once they have rescued their eggs their dinosaurs can live in them.

Jurassic Palace

Using gadget wood, rope and knots they need to build a structure that will support the Dinosaur King.

DinOlypmics I

square lashing small bits of wood with twine and making grommets. Voilà – Naught’s and Crosses.

DinOlympics II

The card explains it pretty well 🙂

The Gate

Girls have to try and put together the peices of the key they have earnt and have it approved by the Gate Keeper.

The Bridge of Lava Doom

The age old classic of having too many girls and not enough chairs/paper.
The Wide Game


You have been transported to a land before time and are greeted by the Dinosaur King

“Howdy!” he says, “Thank goodness you’re here!
A terrible crime has just been committed and has left us all in a bit of bother.
The Four Eggs of the New Generation have been stolen and we need your help to get them back! If each patrol could rescue one egg each that would be a fantastic help!”

He informs you that in order to cross the bridge to get to the eggs you must first open the gate. However all the pieces for the key to the gate are scattered throughout the land. You must find them all


Oh no! The Ice Age fast approaches, all the dinosaurs, birds and animals will surely die unless you help out by knitting some scarves.
Using finger knitting each of your patrols members must knit one scarf.


Every Dinosaur needs a home to live in; sadly many of the forest’s have been disappearing. Help out by building a new one for a Dinosaur to call home.


The Dinosaur King’s throne was ruined in a storm yesterday. Can you build him a new one?


Oh No! Someone has stolen all the naughts and crosses pieces for the Dinolympics tic-tac-toe event! If you each make one naught and one cross we should have enough to continue!


Your Patrol has been asked to compete in an event at the Dinolympics!
The competition is to see which team can keep the balloon in the air the longest. The rules are as follows:
1) The balloon cannot be touched using your hands
2) No-one may hit the balloon twice in a row
3) The Balloon may not touch the ground, in the event of this happening you must start again.
4) The balloon may not pop. In the event of this happening the game is over.
The record is 30….can your team beat it?


Well done! You have collected all the pieces of the key. Put it together and you will be allowed through the gate to cross the bridge.

OH NO! It appears the bridge has disappeared! You can’t just wade through lava!
Luckily, the Gate Keeper hands you some Magic Lava Resistant stones, but there’s not quite enough for everyone in your team to have one. Using team work, cross the lava to reach the Nest where the Eggs are being held.

Congratulations! You have rescued an Egg of the New Generation. You have made the Dinosaur King Very Happy!

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