Did Somebody Say Water?!? – Bring A Friend


Water balloons
a paper towel

a funnel
clean sand (from the beach or the sandbox)
2 clear glasses or jars
a spoon
dirt from the back yard
Ice blocks


I would recommend having hot chocolates for the end of the night (and maybe some buttered toast) for Guides and friends to munch on as they do the evaluation and after they have changed. Even though we ran this night in Summer the girls were still freezing (happy- but freezing!) at the end of it.


Ice Building Blocks
Water balloon toss
Lets Clean Water
Bucket relay
Dribble Dribble Drench

Activity One:
Ice Building Blocks

“Sprinkle a little salt onto an ice cube and press it onto another ice cube. The salt will melt the ice slightly and then it will refreeze to hold the two together. Stack the ice cubes to form a pyramid, a wall or other structure”
Supplying wither each girl, pair or patrol with  ice blocks and salt set a challenge to build a certain structure.

Activity Two:
Lets Clean Water

Cutting a piece of paper towel into a circle fold it into halves and the quartes. Open it up so it forms a cone. Place the cone inside i funnel and fill it with sand. Making dirty water, pour the dirty water through the cone/funnel and into an e mpty jar. Huzzah! Clean water!

Activity Three:
Water Balloon Toss

Each pair has a balloon filled with water. Standing a set distance away from each other they have to throw it back and forth, every time they catch it they take a step back. If they drop it and/or it bursts that pair is out and they sit down.

Activity Four:
Bucket Relay

Two or three teams (depending on numbers) Or in patrols.
Each patrol is given a bucket of water, and a bowl. They have to transfer all the water to the other empty bucket at the other end of the playing area as quickly as they can, before the other team does.
Variations can include using a bowl on their head, walking backwards, using a cup with a hole they have to plug with a finger, crawling, etc.

Activity Five:
Dribble Dribble Drench

Duck Duck Goose..except the goose has a cup of water as they pass each person they say “dribble” and drop a couple of drops on their head…instead of saying “goose” they say “drench” and tip the remainder of the water over one person. (this was everyone’s favourite game when we did feed back)

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